Vijay Rakesh, semiconduntor analyst at financial consultants Sterne Agee, insists that AMD is set to ship Llano to major PC vendors, including HP and Acer, as early as April. AMD's official stance has been "Summer 2011" for quite some time, while lastest rumours indicate a July 2011 release. In addition, in a conversation with Tech Trader Daily, Rakesh re-iterated that Llano was always expected to ship in April.

Technically, the US summer is often described as late May to early September, so shipping by April for release in May is within AMD's timeline. If true, we will see systems based on Llano in stores within Q2. Surprisingly, Rakesh also states that Bulldozer (FX-Series) will release in Q3, contrary to rumours of a late Q2 launch. 

Of course, this is anything but official information, so it must be taken with a big grain of salt. Regardless of rumours for specific dates, both FX-series and A-series seem very likely to release between late Q2 and early Q3. 

Source: Tech Trader Daily blog