Microsoft’s miscalculated demand for its Surface tablets consequently led to a big loss for the company recently.  So what’s the excuse?


Microsoft’s expectation for its Surface RT was exceedingly high, and when the half-hearted gadget didn’t sell the company’s only excuse was that they made too many.

Steve Ballmer, Microsoft’s CEO, recently admitted that his company “built a few more devices than [they] could sell.”  “A few” seems like an understatement, as the Redmond-based software giant recently took a $900 million hit on its Surface RT due to poor sales and overstocking.

“We’re not selling as many Windows devices as we want to,” Ballmer added, trying to avoid the fact that the Windows 8 ecosystem is currently a mess.

Things haven’t gone well for Microsoft this past year, but perhaps the new purported Snapdragon 800-powered Surface will tug the company back in the right direction.