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Steve Wozniak in favor of Apple developing Android smartphones

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak believes that the company can compete more aggressively in the market if it were to make Android smartphones.

Steve Wozniak

Steve Wozniak is known for his frank opinions, he doesn’t like to hold things back. The opinions expressed in his latest interview with Wired will possibly exact a few frowns at Cupertino, but the co-founder does make a compelling argument. Wozniak believes that there’s nothing wrong in Apple making Android smartphones alongside its iOS powered smartphones, and that it might be better off if it did that, because customers would love the quality that they have come to expect from Apple.

The Android market is catered to by countless OEMs, and while most of them have created insanely popular devices, look no further than Samsung’s Galaxy lineup, some consumers might argue that these smartphones aren’t at par with the iPhone when everything simply boils down to the materials used and the build quality. Wozniak says that people like the “precious looks of stylings and manufacturing” that Apple does on its products as compared to similar Android products from other OEMs, he is of the view that consumers will opt for an Apple manufactured Android device because there simply aren’t that many devices out there offering a similar “premium” feel. Woz also addresses the popular notion that Apple hasn’t been able to come up with a revolutionary product in a few years simply because its out of ideas. He doesn’t believe this is the case, Woz rightly points out that an entirely new category of products doesn’t happen to come alive very often.

Woz’s partner and Apple’s second co-founder, the late Steve Jobs, was quite vocal about his dislike for Android. One would have never expected to echo these opinions, and quite obviously one can’t expect Apple to jump on the Android bandwagon as well. For argument’s sake though, would you opt for an Android smartphone if it was made by Apple using the same materials and build quality that it does on its smartphones?

Source: Wired

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