A study conducted by a crew from Michigan State University has found that those who are deem ‘less attractive’ are more likely subjected to less friendly treatments by their peers.

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How did the researchers come to this conclusion?  Well, it wasn’t at all that complicated, as a matter of fact.  The study took 114 workers at an unnamed workplace and asked them various questions regarding whether or not they felt they were being victimized at work.  Then, another group of people that were unrelated and had never met the workers before were asked to rate the attractiveness of the workers.  Lo-and-behold, the data gathered found that there was a strong correlation between people who were considered less attractive and the amount of unfriendly treatment they were getting.

The second part of the study included a personality criterion in which the researchers surveyed friends or romantic partners, and had them rate their friend or partner in terms of friendliness.  With the data gathered, researchers concluded that friendly people will tend to have their friendliness reciprocated.

The science-ish study basically tells us that pretty people don’t have to try as hard to get people to be friendly towards them, whereas, less attractive people will have to exert additional energy into being friendly so that their feelings will be directed back at them.

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