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iPhone 5 gets more negative criticisms than Galaxy S4 [Survey]

Are you wondering if there are more Apple haters than Samsung haters?  Well, there are more than enough of both to start World War III, but as of right now it seems like there are more Samsung loyalists than Apple’s—at least that’s what we’re getting out of a recent survey.

If Apple and Samsung were opposing forces in a war, the South Korean-tech giant will likely come out the victor as of right now.  A survey conducted by a social analysis firm called We Are Social, has concluded that Apple’s iPhone 5 product is subject to nearly twice the amount of ‘negative’ criticisms compared to Samsung’s Galaxy S4 product, 20 percent against 11 percent, respectively.

The comparison between the iPhone 5 and GS4 might not be fair, but as far as brand loyalty goes, Samsung is inching further and further away from Apple.  Word of mouth marketing is just as powerful, and positive feedbacks can do wonders for a brand, especially for competitive markets like smartphone.

Samsung’s latest flagship handset isn’t a ‘revolutionary’ or even a ‘mind-blowing’ device in any respect, but apparently the larger display and the ‘features’ that it packs are more than enough to entice people to pick one up or even convince an iPhone user to switch.

Apple is rumored to be making some moves to restore some balance to a topsy turvy year, thus far.  The company is speculated to launch a budget iPhone along with some other gadgets that fit the trending demands of consumers later this year.  However, while Apple is trying to play catch up, it also appears as though Samsung is reluctant to give up its edge, as it is reported the company is pouring ridiculous amounts of money ($20+ billions in 2011-2012) into research and development.

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