Above, you see the AM2 Mount plate and kit.

You can either mount it directly over the currently waterblock, or even unscrew
the default frame and screw on this mount plate. The lazy such as me would just
wear the plate over.


All the little mounting equipment, screws, nuts, washers and springs. What
I hope to see from cooler companies actually, is to cut down on unnecessary
seperate stuff, too many washer and nuts to bother with, and Swiftech is not
innocent of this, though to their credit the rest are equally troublesome.


A whole set of Barbs come with this block so you can pick one to fit your setup.
1/2", 3/8" and even 1/4". A set of easy-clip-on plastic hose
clamps come with the respective barb size, and a small tube of thermal compound
is also enclosed.