The Big question bore by many readers by now would probably be – What is the
inside design of this new so-called “Godfather of Waterblocks” like??

Let’s take a look:

Easily unscrewed and taken apart with the Alan Key provided, you see that the
inside is made up of a field of short micro-pins.


Looking closer, you see that the pins are not round, but irregularly shaped
with many angles – a ploy employed to increase surface area and turbulence to
improve heat transfer no doubt.


Many many – huge number as they are, these pins are really short,
since the chamber is kept really shallow by the block’s height.

On the outside, this new block appears exactly the same as the
older Swiftech Apogee Waterblock.


You take both apart and you’ll see quite a bit of difference

Older Apogee on left, Apogee GT on right


Base thickness is the same, but pin size and numbers are definitely worlds
apart. The new Apogee GT has more than twice the number of pins, and probably
a few times the amount of surface area comparatively.