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Symbian foundation rumored to close down


Bad news continue to befall the Symbian camp as Nokia has scrapped plans for X7 smartphone with AT&T in US. Not to mention, Samsung has terminated support for the operating system, while Sony Ericsson has said that the company has chosen Android over Symbian.

It seems that rumors of Symbian foundation closing have spread all over the web. According to online sources, the Symbian foundation is facing serious lack of funds and may eventually declare closure.

The Symbian OS used to have support from various phone makers including Nokia, Sony Ericsson (and previously Ericsson), Motorola and Samsung. At its peak, Symbian’s marketshare reached a high 60% and was said to dominate the smartphone market. Unfortunately, recent news reported that the Symbian foundation may come to an end. While the Symbian foundation has not commented on the rumors, the council said it is placing the foundation’s future in close observation.

The Symbian OS has faced waves of bad news: last year, Samsung has announced that it will terminate support for Symbian OS and concentrate on Android, Bada and Windows Phone 7; Sony Ericsson has not given up on Symbian OS yet, but has stopped producing Symbian-based mobile phones.

Currently, Nokia is the only supporter for Symbian foundation, although it is unknown how long this relationship is going to last.

Source: xda.cn

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