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T-Mobile plans to launch LTE-Advanced by end of 2013

T-Mobile thinks it will be able to roll out its own LTE-Advanced network by year’s end, but not many will be able to enjoy LTE-A’s blazing speed.

People with keen interests for the latest in mobile technology should take note of T-Mobile’s claim that it will join SK Telecom in becoming one of the first few carriers to deploy LTE-Advanced.  T-Mobile’s Dave Mayo says that the carrier will roll out the service ‘later this year’, with no specific dates to match.

“We’ll begin rolling out LTE Advanced features later this year,” said Mayo, T-Mobile’s senior vice president of technology.

Details regarding the specific nature of T-Mobile’s LTE-A ‘features’ are still murky at best, but if it’s anything like SK Telecom’s we can expect 150Mbps speeds for selected markets.  LTE-A, in reality, should have been what LTE was supposed to be, and it was only years later that carriers had the correct infrastructure configurations to deploy true LTE speeds.

Furthermore, not many mobile devices support LTE-A, as chip makers knew all too well that carriers wouldn’t have the proper network setups to support it.

By the end of 2013, there should be a few more devices that will support LTE-A. Since many people have been drawn into Samsung and Apple’s product cycles, LTE-A’s influence on the mobile market possibly won’t be as significant until mid-2014 and on.

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