Richard Garriott is back, and along with him the plans for an Ultima-Online-like new game. That’s why he appeals for the necessary cash on an open call for backers in Kickstarter. So far, 4132 people have actively supported the project but the game won’t move forward unless $ 1,000,000 has been pledged.

Ultima series is perhaps the longest living RPG title ever (it started in the 80s and is still going with the still-alive-but-now-decadent Ultima Online), and one of the very first MMORPGs successfully released. Richard Garriott (Lord British for the versed), was the mastermind behind the Ultima world and his new game shares the same secrets of success.

As he officially announced, Shroud of the Avatar will be an open experience game, with a realistic and in depth designed world, where the players will be able to make their own choices and built their own future. No more blind “grinding”, it’s time to start role-playing again.

 At the moment, the amount pledged toward the $1,000,000 goal in Kickstarter is around $ 241,000 and the time left is 29 days.