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OnePlus 2 advertised as ‘2016 flagship killer’, another device confirmed for 2015

The up-and-coming Chinese smartphone producer takes controversially bold marketing to new heights while remaining unusually tight-lipped in regards to their prospective first mid-range handheld. Just when you thought Pete Lau’s rapidly growing army of mobile innovators couldn’t possibly shock or surprise with shameless attempts at viral publicity campaigns anymore, the

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If only… Google Nexus 5 2015 shatters AnTuTu records in fishy benchmark visit

We want to believe, we really do, but we highly doubt an LG-manufactured sequel to the budget-friendly 2013 N5 could score 85,000+ points through the controversial performance-measuring tool. Everybody knows how easy to manipulate mobile benchmark instruments are. Especially AnTuTu. Not to mention effortlessly contrivable screenshots of alleged unreleased gear

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