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  • LG announces availability of new Optimus Sol smartphone

    Have you had enough of LG's Optimus One, Optimus 2X, Optimus Black and Optimus 3D smartphones that have been making headlines all over the Internet in recent months? Well, the good news is that the Korean electronics company has got yet another Optimus-branded smartphone up its sleeves which it reportedly plans to release for sale

  • Android-powered Hello Kitty smartphone shows up in Japan

    Another day, another interesting piece of consumer electronics-related news from the Land of the Rising Sun. And this time, the whole hoo-ha comes in the form of the world's most popular cat without a mouth from Sanrio endorsing a smartphone that is produced by Sharp and is powered by Google's Android operating system. Kind of

  • unveils new Android app and revamped WAP portal for job seekers

    Need to look for a job in a hurry? Well, don't worry, there is an app for that, and it comes in the form of's new Android app which reportedly allows both employers and jobseekers to search got candidates and jobs respectively while on the move. According to, the aim is to provide

  • Forget Google phones; SoftBank unveils “Yahoo Phone” in Japan

    So the Android operating system is a hit and even Google wants to get in to the game by releasing the occasional 'Google phone' that boasts premium hardware and access to the latest firmware version of Android. But for a smartphone OEM to churn out a “Yahoo Phone”? Don't be surprised, but that is exactly

  • Sony Ericsson announces availability of new content for Xperia PLAY at Gamescom 2011

    If a certain smartphone is going to be marketed and sold as a portable gaming device in its own right, it would make sense that such a phone will need to boast a strong selection of popular game titles to ensure that interest in its product remains high, no? That is exactly what Sony Ericsson

  • Samsung releases Galaxy Tab 10.1 for sale in Singapore

    Samsung's woes with the current injunctions Apple has won against its new Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Germany may have just started, but the good news is that local fans of the Korean electronics giant's mobile computing devices will not have to worry about a potential ban over here. This is because the company has just

  • Sony Ericsson shares insight on design, concept and engineering of upcoming Xperia Ray

    The Sony Ericsson Xperia Ray was first unveiled at a global event in Singapore, in June (same time as CommunicAsia 2011) and is scheduled to launch in Q3 this year. Find out in the next pages on the design, concept and engineering of the Android smartphone as we bring the coverage from Tokyo, Japan.

  • Fusion Garage rejoins mobile computing fray with new Grid 10 and Grid 4

    So the JooJoo tablet turned out to be nothing sort of a disaster for local startup company Fusion Garage. Usually, most startups would have abandoned ship after such a failure, but it seems that Fusion Garage is a big believer in the saying that one should always try again until they succeed. And what better

  • Foxconn’s dual-core Xiaomi smartphone shows up in Beijing

    Most people will probably associate Foxconn with hardware components such as motherboards, but it seems that the Taiwan-based manufacturer has since decided to make a name for itself in the lucrative smartphone market by releasing a handset which will reportedly be sold under its own brand. And the name of the company's first attempt at

  • Samsung hires CyanogenMod lead developer Steve Kondik

    If you have in your possession an Android-powered smartphone which has been rooted and flashed to run on a custom Android ROM, we'd bet that there is a very high chance that the ROM which you are currently using hails from what is probably the biggest name in the Android hacking scene, CyanogenMod. And for

  • Samsung announces availability of GALAXY S WiFi 4.0 in Singapore

    Want a smartphone but do not wish to get involved with costly 3G mobile data plans? Don't worry, there is a smartphone for that, and it comes in the form of Samsung's new GALAXY S WiFi 4.0 smartphone, which has just been recently released in Singapore. According to Samsung, the new smartphone will allow users

  • Limited edition Minecraft-inspired Xperia Play smartphone shows up on eBay

    Do you love Minecraft? If you, this will probably be the kind of smartphone that you would love to own to complement your obsession over the game. Apparently, Mojang, the company behind the game, has released a special, limited edition version of Sony Ericsson's Xperia Play smartphone that comes with a custom skin for the

  • Samsung officially unveils white Galaxy SII smartphone

    Apple may have set the stage for a showdown with its successful demand for an injunction on the Korean electronics giant's Galaxy Tab 10.1 and an ongoing demand for a ban on all of Samsung's telecommunications lineup in the US, but it is clear that the company is not about to let the obstacle that

  • Another 7-inch, dual-core tablet shows up in China

    Getting a tablet computing device which boasts the use of dual-core processors is often one of the fastest way to breaking one's piggy bank, but when you are in China, such luxuries are often available to just about anybody thanks the wide variety of low-cost tablets which actually boast rather decent performance for their price.

  • Google spends a cool US$12.5 billion on Motorola Mobility

    Google might've lost out on the US$4.5 billion bid on Nortel's patents, but the company has gone out and got itself a consolation prize for a mere US$12.5 billion, a prize known as Motorola Mobility. For those sitting on shares in Motorola Mobility Holdings Inc, the official name for Motorola's phone division, this is fantastic

  • ASUS will ship Padfone with Ice Cream Sandwich preloaded

    It is widely accepted by many that ASUS's upcoming Padfone, which we first covered in Computex 2011 some months back, has the potential to take tablet and smartphone computing in a direction which no other OEM has ever attempted to do so, save for Motorola and its Atrix smartphone. And like the gift that keeps

  • Details of HTC’s new Ruby and Holiday smartphones leaked online?

    Another day, another piece of news about information and images of unreleased smartphones getting leaked out into the depths of cyberspance. And unsurprisingly, today's highlight hails once again from the likes of well-known Taiwanese mobile phone manufacturer HTC, where details of two of its unreleased mobile phones have somehow managed to find their way into

  • Screenshots of Ice Cream Sandwich’s user interface leaked?

    If there is one thing most smartphone users expect from every new Android release, it would probably be that of an updated and more polished graphical user interface to replace the old one found in the previous versions. And as it turns out, it seems that Android fans who are anxiously awaiting the release of

  • LG Singapore launches Optimus 3D smartphone that offers full 3D experience

    Today, LG Singapore has announced the new Optimus 3D Android smartphone which claims to incorporate "Tri-Dual" architecture and offers superb full 3D experience. The best thing is, you do not need to rely on 3D glasses to view 3D. The LG Optimus 3D is scheduled to be available at end of August, this month.

  • Google Android “Ice Cream Sandwich” Arriving in October?

    Android users rejoice. If recent news are true, it may not be long that we would see the release of the upcoming and highly anticipated Android operating system (codenamed Ice Cream Sandwich). And that could day would be in October this year.