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  • Apple hacked by AntiSec?

    With all the hoo-ha that is currently taking place in cyberspace over the recent spate of webpages and servers belonging to major companies and corporations getting attacked by hackers, it would really be of little surprise that some instantly-recognizable names will eventually find their way as entries on the hackers' hit list. And the next

  • Andino Texas & PowerPlus series iPhone 4 and iPad 2 cases Review

    With everyone around you owning a brilliant piece of Apple's technology, one of the few ways you can differentiate and personalise your gadget(s) is with all sorts of individualistic cases and sleeves. If you are looking for something that is rugged yet looks good with whatever you are wearing, read on and check out what

  • Apple’s Thunderbolt cable torn asunder, didn’t contain magic

    What can we say, we adore iFixit and its teardowns of all things, well, electronic. However, we were a little bit surprised that they decided to tear open a cable, as we wouldn't have thought there was much to a cable. How wrong we were, as it seems like Apple's Thunderbolt cables are quite special

  • Apple updates Time Capsules

    Apple's range of Time Capsule products might not be the most exciting products in its range, but for Apple users they're among the easiest ways to create a backup of important data. Apple has added additional storage space to its Time Capsule while the prices have remained the same, which sounds like a pretty decent

  • Apple launches Final Cut Pro X

    One of Apple's top selling pieces of software just got upgraded and we're of course talking about Final Cut Pro which has jumped from 7 to X (for 10). Apple has upgraded just about every aspect of Final Cut Pro from the UI to video file format support and a lot of the underlying technology.

  • iCloud vs iCloud: Trademark dispute breaks out over ‘iCloud’ branding

    Looks like Apple's plans for iCloud has just gotten off to a rocky start: apparently, the Cupertino company did not realize that there is an actual company by the name of iCloud Communications before deciding to give its cloud-based services the typical "i" treatment.  And to further complicate matters, iCloud Communications is contesting that Apple's iCloud offerings

  • Esoterism : Apple Style at its Best

    During one of the hectic days at COMPUTEX last week, our attention was captured by a rather special booth that had paints poured all over. Upon further investigation, it is actually a relatively young Taiwanese startup known as Esoterism who specialises in making accessories for Apple products. Not just ordinary accessories but every set comes with its

  • iOS 5 Jailbroken

    With just less than a day from the announcement of Apple's iOS 5, the software has been jailbroken. 

  • Apple WWDC 2011 News Roundup

      Apple announced some new groundbreaking features that will be coming to us later this year during its annual World Wide Developers' Conference at Moscone West, San Francisco this morning. With iOS 5, iCloud and Mac OS X Lion, it might just convince you to get an Apple product. Read on to find out more

  • OTA app updates to be made available for iOS?

    To date, the only way to perform updates on any iOS-powered device is to hook it up to iTunes and let Apple's application work its magic, right? Well, it seems that things are about to change for the better, except that it is highly unlikely that Apple will be surprising anybody when it officially announces

  • Mach Xtreme Demos MacBook Air Compatible SSDs

    Mach Xtreme is showing off their MacBook Air compatible SSD at Computex. The Katana MX Performance, based on the SandForce SF-1200 controller, has been engineered to be fully compatible with Apple's proprietary interface and promises a performance increase from the stock SSD.

  • Three most expensive iPad applications cost US$999.99 each

    With so many Apple iPad apps on the market, you may be wondering which are the most expensive ones out there. Well, it seems like three apps share the most expensive spot, priced at US$999.99 each. Read on for details.

  • Wrapsol for iPad 2 now available in Singapore

    Looking for something virtually weightless to protect your newly-owned iPad 2? The world's strongest and  most durable scratch protection film for the iPad 2 has landed on our shores and it's now available locally. Read on.

  • ElcomSoft Breaks iPhone iOS4 Encryption

    That certainly did not take them long. ElcomSoft, a Russian company, managed to crack the iOS4 encryption. With Apple's iPhone 3GS, the company introduced a hardware encryption chip. Following the release of iOS 4, Apple brought Data Protection feature, a 256-bit hardware encryption for all the devices featuring the chip, which is also why your

  • Opera Mini 6 now on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

    Opera has recently unveiled their new Mini 6 web browser for the iPhone, iPad and the iPod Touch. The Opera Mini 6 have been available on Android and BlackBerry devices since March, but at least it is now available for Apple fans.

  • 500,000 apps approved by Apple App Store

    Apple iPhone and iPad users will be very pleased to hear this: The Apple App Store has already approved over 500,000 Apps since it first started in July 10, 2008. Read on.

  • Foxconn plant explosion said to have disrupted Apple iPad 2 production

    Looks like the Foxconn plant explosion that happened about a week ago may have disrupted the Apple iPad 2 production. Well, don't be surprised if the Apple stores near you have run out of stock; you probably just need to wait a while for the new shipment to arrive.

  • Andino Denim Texas iPad 2 Leather Case and PowerPlus II Lite now available in Singapore

    So you have an iPhone 4 and one of Apple's impressive iPad 2. That's nice. But as we all know, buying a product is only the first step of the Apple experience, and that one will need a variety of third-party accessories in order to get the most out of his or her Apple product.

  • Smart Signs appear in Apple Store

    Apple has become rather creative in their product displays and their Store has gotten a little upgrade. Say hi to the Apple iPad displays that are serving as Smart Signs near the products.

  • Seagate unveils GoFlexAccess mobile device app

    With this new GoFlexAccess app, you can now share and stream your music, photos and videos wirelessly from your phone to your GoFlex home network server easily. Available free on iPhone and Android phones.