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  • iPhone 4: jailbroken at last

    It seems that one thing is clear: no matter how much Apple tries to block people from jailbreaking the iPhone and warning users that doing so may void the warranty, the hackers always succeed in doing so. And next up on the chopping list? A solution to jailbreak the iPhone 4. Read on to find

  • Wrapsol Ultra offers the screen protection you need for your iPhone 4 and iPad

    Wrapsol claims to be the world’s strongest protection system for most digital devices including mobile phones, ebook readers, MP3 players as well as cameras. The maker has recently announced their Ultra series that provides scratch and stronger protection for your devices.

  • GIGABYTE On/Off Charge Works With Apple iPhone 4

    GIGABYTE is proud to announce that GIGABYTE On/Off Charge technology also works on the Apple iPhone 4. GIGABYTE first announced On/Off Charge in April this year by demonstrating how it speeds up iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch charging from a PC’s USB port whether the PC is operational or shut down.

  • SingTel, M1 release iPhone 4 price plans

    Yes.. StarHub sent out the press release first. But SingTel and M1 aren’t too far behind as the other two telcos have also released their Apple iPhone 4 price plans. So which mobile operator are you signing up for the iPhone 4?

  • StarHub Unveils iPhone 4 Price Plans

    Good news for Apple fans. With the iPhone 4 retailing in Singapore this Friday, local mobile operator StarHub has just announced the iPhone 4 price plans. The iPhone pricing starts from S$0 (depending on the plan). Read on for details.

  • Singapore: Apple iPhone 4 Standalone Prices, Official Date Confirmed

    Apple’s iPhone 4 will be available beginning this Friday, 30 July 2010 in Singapore along with other countries – Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, New Zealand, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland. Standalone prices are confirmed and the phones will be available on Apple’s Online Store as well. Read

  • StarHub And SingTel Released iPad Data Plans

    With M1 announcing their iPad data plans for consumers, StarHub and SingTel aren’t far behind as the two mobile operators have also introduced their data plans for the Apple iPad. And yes, the plans do not include the product itself and there’s no binding contract either. Update: StarHub updates postpaid and prepaid iPad data plans

  • M1 Singapore Unveils Apple iPad Data Plans

    M1 Singapore has just issued a news release about their iPad data plans which are available in both pre- and post-paid options. And best of all, there’s no binding contract to the post-paid plans. Read on for more details.

  • HP Trademarks “PalmPad” Tablet

    HP has announced that it has filed trademark for the name “PalmPad”, which probably refers to their new tablet based on the WebOS. According to some analysts, the PalmPad could pose a major competitor to Apple’s iPad.

  • Factron Debuts Quattro Case for iPhones

    Factron, manufacturer of various custom accessories for Apple products, has announced the Quattro aluminum case for iPhones. More next page.

  • Apple iPad Arriving in Singapore This Friday

    The wait is finally over. Apple has announced that the iPad is going to be available in nine more countries, including Singapore, this coming Friday, 23 July. All models of iPad can be purchased through Apple’s retail stores and Apple Authorized Resellers. Read on for the news and pricing information.

  • URBAN TOOL Unveils Summer Range Of Accessories

    URBAN TOOL has launched their new Summer range of products which come in a few wallets of varying sizes, sunglasses cases and iPad bag. The products are now available in Singapore.

  • Apple Holding Press Conference On iPhone 4 This Friday

    Apple has announced they will be holding a press conference this Friday concerning the iPhone 4 which has been getting a lot of criticism over the reception problem. No details were given, but it is likely the company have solutions to solve this issue.

  • Apple announces Time Capsule replacements

    Has your Apple Time Capsule stopped working unexpectedly? If so, you may qualify for a replacement. But try not to get your hopes up too soon though: this replacement program is only available for units sold in 2008, and even then, is limited to certain models bearing a small range of serial numbers. You have

  • Flash on the iPad? Yes, we can!

    Steve Jobs does not want Flash on his beloved iPhones and iPads. That is perfectly fine with most of us. But not for a developer who wants that feature. And the solution? Hack together a Flash for iPad. And the coolest thing about it? It actually works. Well, sort of. Read on to find out more.

  • iPhone 4 update does nothing to fix reception issues

    It is just as we expected: there is no way a hardware design flaw can be magically fixed with a software update. In fact, Apple has announced that the only signal-related issue which the update will address is to make the reception bars accurately reflect the signal strength the phone is receiving. Read on to find out

  • Steve Jobs: No blu-ray for your Macs!

    The man has said it all. If you have been waiting for Blu-ray to arrive on the Macs, be prepared for some major disappointment, because Apple CEO Steve Jobs has hinted that the company currently has no plans to implement Blu-ray support on either the Mac Mini, Macbook or iMac product lines, at least for

  • Philips Unveils New Range of Home Theatre Systems, LCD TVs

    Yesterday, Philips Electronics announced their new range of home theatre systems and LCD TVs to go with their new “Obsessed with Sound and Vision” campaign. The new products are schedule to be available around end July and promise superb design as well as audio and visual experience to the consumers.

  • iTunes 9.2 Available Now

    Looks like Apple is gearing up for its first wave of iPhone 4 launch by releasing an update to iTunes, introducing improvements and fixes to the software.

  • Mac Mini Gets Unibody, HDMI, etc

    Looks like the Mac Mini is getting some love from Apple after all. Apple has unveiled its latest Mac Mini refresh. A whole new design, some changes in the hardware.