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Asus introduces ROG Sica gaming mouse

Asus today announced the new ROG Sica optical gaming mouse with an ambidextrous design aimed at fingertip grip gamers. The new ROG Sica optical mouse has been designed specifically for multiplayer online battle area (MOBA) gamers of all grip types. Asus claims the Sica is the most portable ambidextrous mouse

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ASUS Strix GeForce GTX 970 Review

Without a doubt, the much-publicized memory addressing issue in the NVIDIA GTX 970 put a couple of dents its sales. Even so, the somewhat-flawed GTX 970 remains excellent value for the PC-everygamer.Part of the reason is that the vast majority of GTX 970 products on the market are not made

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Pondering Apple Watch Edition purchase? Asus says you’re out of your mind

The message of the unorthodox, snarky “shopping guide” is simple – buy an affordable ZenWatch instead. In recent years, the competition’s responses to Apple’s big iProduct unveils have essentially ranged from harmless, good old chain-yanking to grave silence. But the most controversial and experimental Cupertino-manufactured gadget was bound to generate

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Asus unveils its new ROG GR8S steam machine PC

Asus today announced the new ROG GR8S steam machine that uses the existing GR8 2.5 liter design with updated internals. The ROG GR8S is a gaming PC that features the appearance of a console, giving you all the performance of a larger gaming PC in a much more compact 2.5-liter

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