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  • ASUS Announces World’s First Two-Way HDMI Streaming Kit

    ASUS has launched WAVI, the world’s first wireless HDMI kit to feature innovative two-way wireless USB control designed to stream PC content to the big screen TV. WAVI (Wireless Audio Video Interaction) is offered as a pair of devices that bridges the gap between the home office and living room. Watch movies, play the latest

  • Eyes on Asus’ new IPS and 3D displays

    Earlier today we attended Asus' unveiling of its new range of IPS panel based LCD displays, of which three are consumer models and one is a new professional model which should suit those with a slightly more constrained budget. Finally Asus also showed off a new 3D display with a built in IR transmitter which

  • ASUS launches O!Play Gallery HD Media Player

    ASUS has launched their latest addition to its O!Play line of media players for home entertainment enthusiasts. Known as the O!Play Gallery HD Media Player, it promises to take "all-around high-definition enjoyment" to one's television set with the help of a variety of features.

  • Android 3.0 Honeycomb Tablets Hit Taiwan Market

    Taiwan is blessed with the latest Android 3.0 Honeycomb tablets from ASUS and Acer as they are now selling in a local PC exhibition taking place this week. These proved to be selling pretty well as the lack of Apple iPad 2 in their market spurs consumers to turn to other (better) alternatives. ASUS's Eee Pad

  • ASUS releases new external BW-12D1S-U Blu-ray writer and Xonar U3 Mobile USB mobile soundcard

    If you are in the mood to expand your desktop or notebook PC's functionality with a few new peripherals, ASUS's latest product launches for the day would probably be of great interest to you. This is because the Taiwanese OEM has just announced two new accessories to enhance a PC user's multimedia experience: an external

  • ASUS P8H67-I DELUXE (Intel H67 Express) Review

    While Mini-ITX solutions are often looked down upon as slow and somewhat cheap, not all of them are destined for use as low-power media centres or 8-hours-a-day office machines. Enter the latest Mini-ITX motherboard from ASUS, the P8H67-I DELUXE which is based on the Intel H67 Express chipset, and supports all second-generation Intel Core 'Sandy Bridge'

  • ASUS ROG Rampage III Black Edition – The Best X58 Motherboard?

    Gamers and Overclockers, you’re in luck as ASUS’s new offering, the Republic of Gamers Rampage III Black edition is here to stay.

  • Asus launches the Eee Pad Transformer in Taiwan

    It's been nearly three months since Asus first showed off its Android tablets and earlier today the first of the new models launched, at least in Taiwan. The Eee Pad Transformer was launched by the company chairman, Jonney Shih with what appeared to be every single local media on location. Not much that wasn't already

  • ASUS Announces Xtion PRO Developer Challenge

    ASUS has announced the start of a new competition designed to showcase the exciting features of the new ASUS Xtion PRO. With over US$24,000 up for grabs, creativity and ingenuity is a must as competition will be fierce. In addition to the cash prizes, participants will have a chance to earn future business cooperation opportunities

  • Asus Eee Pad Transformer launching this week

    On Friday Asus will hold a launch event in Taipei, Taiwan where the company will unveil its Eee Pad Transformer tablet, also known as the EP101. It’s not clear as to when the company will start to offer it outside of Taiwan, but this Tegra 2 tablet is looking to be a potential winner for

  • ASUS launches P6X58-E WS workstation motherboard

    Designed for professional users, the new ASUS P6X58-E WS workstation motherboard is based on the tested-and-proven Intel X58 Express chipset. Notable features include dual Intel Gigabit LAN, an NVIDIA NF200 bridge chip, USB 3.0 and ASUS-exclusive Xtreme Phase 16+2 power delivery and EPU energy saving optimizations. The new board ships with the ASUS '24X24' pledge

  • ASUS prepares new M5A motherboards, BIOS updates for AMD AM3+ CPU support

    ASUS has announced the release of the industry's first AM3+ CPU enabled motherboard solution based on the existing AMD 8-Series chipsets. Current owners of an AM3-based board can make their AMD 8-Series motherboards compatible with the latest AM3+ CPUs with a simple BIOS update from the official ASUS website. 

  • Rumour: ASUS plans sub US$250 netbook to avoid competing against tablet PCs?

    With tablet PCs fast gaining acceptance among consumers as the mobile computer of choice for media consumption, what does one think netbook OEMs should do to restore the competitiveness of a product that appears to be fast approaching its 'use by' date? Well, ASUS apparently thinks that the answer is rather straightforward: make them cheaper.

  • ASUS SABERTOOTH P67 TUF Review: Does its thermal armor really work?

    Great cooling capabilities, or just for show? We bring the SABERTOOTH P67 from ASUS to various benchmark tests and a temperature test to let you find out if it’s worth the buck.

  • VR-Zone Giveaway #6 – ASUS A50 Smartphone

      Follow four easy steps and stand a chance to win different prizes every week.  This week..we are giving away: ASUS A50 Smartphone Check out and find out how you can win these prizes

  • ASUS introduces NC1 Active Noise Cancelling Headphones

    Does a set of headphones which claims to offer up to "100 hours of high-quality sound"  in "a readily-portable form factor" sound like the kind of device you want to clip on to your ears while blasting music from that portable audio player or smartphone of yours? If so, ASUS might have just the thing

  • Asus’ U30s second generation Core i notebook gets reviewed early

    Notebooks with Intel's second generation Core i processors are slowly starting to trickle out into the market, but so far we've only seen 14 and 15.6-inch models from Asus. However, an early review of one of its upcoming 13.3-inch models the US30s which is an interesting mix of portability and features. This is likely to

  • Asus launches Brazos powered Eee PCs

    One of the last companies to announce its Brazos powered netbooks/ultra slim notebooks is Asus and although the company was late, it has as of today added two new models with AMD's E-350 and C-50 dual core processors to its Eee PC range. The models are the Eee PC 1015B and 1215B where the 1015B

  • Asus Thunderbolt Sound and Killer NIC card (Rampage III Black Edition) – A Close Inspection

    Asus' combined sound card and Killer NIC card has been stripped of its shrouding for the first time to revel what's hiding underneath it and although it doesn't hold too many surpirses, there are at least a couple of things that peaked our interest. For now the Thunderbolt card will only be available with the Asus

  • ASUS Radeon HD6990 Graphics Card unveiled

    PC gamers have a new standard-setting graphics card to look forward to in the form of the ASUS HD 6990. A true powerhouse, it uses dual HD 6970 cores on one printed circuit board, doubling the power while maintaining streamlined energy draw requirements. With ASUS exclusive Voltage Tweak, it pushes the card to run at