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  • BIOSTAR Outs Hi-Fi Z77X Motherboard

    BIOSTAR released its first Hi-Fi series motherboard, the socket LGA1155 Hi-Fi Z77X. Shown first to crowds at Computex, the Hi-Fi series is characterized by an onboard audio design that focuses on amplification and getting rid of EMI. 

  • Intel 7-series motherboard pricing overview

    We know many of you have been waiting for quite some time to get your hands on one of the very soon to launch – and already available in some countries – Intel 7-series chipset based motherboards. As such we thought it would be helpful to give a bit of an overview as to the

  • Biostar’s Z77 motherboard makes a surprise appearance

    It's easy to forget about the smaller players in the motherboard market, but Biostar has reminded us that it's still a player with the unveiling of its first Z77 motherboard, the TZ77XE4. The board itself isn't all that remarkable though, especially not for a high-end model, but it's the first Z77 motherboard to be officially

  • Biostar’s TPower X79 smiles for the camera

    There seems to be no end to the X79 motherboards that are being shown off ahead of the official launch which is now less than two weeks away and pictures of Biostar's upcoming X79 board which will be called the TPower X79 has now made their way online. We don't have tons of details on

  • BIOSTAR Does Value Z68 Motherboard Right with TZ68K+

    Notable motherboard manufacturer BIOSTAR thinks it finally got its sub-$150 Intel Z68-based motherboard right, with the TZ68K+. The new motherboard was released to market at a price point close to the TZ68A+. The company earlier released the TZ68A+, a Z68 motherboard in the ATX form-factor, at a sweet price point of around $130. Reviewers noted

  • Biostar readying improved Z68 motherboard

      It's tough being at the bottom of the list of motherboard manufacturers, but it doesn't stop Biostar from doing what it's doing and the company is getting ready to launch its slightly higher-end Z68 motherboard, the TZ68K+. It's not the most impressive addition we've ever seen, as Biostar has only tweaked a few minor

  • BIOSTAR to release AMD APU motherboards

    BIOSTAR will be releasing new AMD motherboards based on the A75 chipset in July to coincide with the official worldwide launch of the Llano APU. More details inside.

  • [Finalised] Computex 2011 Round-up: Motherboard, Graphics

    Finalised. We see loads of upcoming motherboards, graphics card and have sorted them out based on different manufacturers. Enjoy.

  • Biostar Reveals Z68 Motherboard

    Biostar has just announced the Biostar TZ68A+ motherboard using the Intel Z68 chipset. Features include Biostar's exclusive BIO-Remote2 and Charger Booster utilities, a 5-phase power supply design with 100% solid capacitors, and Lucid Virtu GPU Virtualization.

  • Biostar’s TZ68A+ motherboard leaks ahead of launch

    These days there are four major Taiwanese motherboard makers and then we have Biostar and Jetway somewhere down the bottom-end of the market. That said, Biostar has had some success with the overclocking crowd and now details of its first Z68 based motherboard and although we can't say that this is a board we'd rush

  • Biostar shows off its mini-ITX H61 board at CeBIT

    Back in the glory days of SFF systems, Biostar offered some of the best, if not the best SFF barebones, beating even Shuttle at their own game. However, since then Biostar hasn’t really focused on small motherboard for consumers, although the company has an extensive line of mini-ITX industrial PC boards. However, that looks set

  • Biostar unveils its H61 motherboards

    Ahead of CeBIT, Biostar has unveiled its Intel H61 chipset based motherboard models and the company will offer three different SKUs of what is pretty much the same board as well as one more advanced model. The H61 chipset is Intel's budget solution for the second generation Core i processors and is really intended to

  • BIOSTAR USB3.0 Motherboards

    Taipei, Taiwan, Dec 27, 2010 – BIOSTAR MICROTECH INT’L CORP., a professional manufacturer of motherboards has recently releases various selections of “USB3.0” motherboard line-ups, now users are able to enjoy a new standard of data transmission with BIOSTAR.

  • Win an Intel X25-V 40GB SSD: BIOSTAR 12 Astrological Signs Motherboard Contest

    This is quite… interesting: one astrological sign will be introduced every week, and all you have to do is guess the most suitable BIOSTAR motherboard for that particular sign. One lucky winner will be selected every week, and each will walk away with an Intel X25-V 40GB SSD.

  • BIOSTAR introduces its A770E3, A770L3, A780L, A780L3 and A880G+ AMD-based motherboards

    BIOSTAR has introduced a slew of motherboards based on various AMD chipsets. These include the A770E3 and A770L3, based on the AMD 770 Chipset; the A780L and A780L3, based on the AMD 760G Chipset; and the A880G+, based on the AMD 880G Chipset.

  • COMPUTEX 2010: Motherboards & Graphics Cards Roundup!

    Long cards, short cards, big boards, small boards; see mainboards and graphics accelerators in all shapes and sizes at COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2010.

  • BIOSTAR “TA890FXE” & “BIO-unlocKING”

    Taipei, Taiwan, May 3rd, 2010 – BIOSTAR MICROTECH INT’L CORP., a professional manufacturer of motherboards today reveals its new “TA890FXE” motherboard with “BIO-unlocKING” utility that makes it possible to turn a budget quad-core version of a CPU into full six-cores for significant computing gains. Full press release inside.

  • BIOSTAR Announces New AMD 870X Chipset Motherboards

    BIOSTAR MICROTECH INT’L CORP., professional manufacturer of motherboards and major motherboard supplier to the PC industry, has unveiled its T-Power “TA870+” and “TA870″ motherboards. More…

  • Biostar TA890FXE AM3 Motherboard Preview

    Biostar has released more details about its TA890FXE AM3 motherboard. More…

  • BIOSTAR BIO-unlocKING on AMD 8xx chipset

    BIOSTAR MICROTECH INT’L CORP., a professional manufacturer of motherboards today announced “BIO-unlocKING” that supports AMD ACC function on AMD latest 890GX chipset motherboard –“TA890GXE v5.2”; also compatible with upcoming 890FX, 880G and 870 chipset motherboards (TA890FXE, TA890GXB HD, TA880GB HD, TA880G HD, TA870+).