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  • BlackBerry maker faces third day of technical woes

    Extensive delays and disruptions for BlackBerry users entered into the third consecutive day as reports filtered in of fresh problems surfacing in Asian markets.  According to a Wall Street Journal report, affected countries include Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore and India.

  • Research in Motion unveils BlackBerry Tag

    Blackberry maker, Research in Motion, has unveiled the BlackBerry Tag that lets you exchange multimedia content and contact info with your friends by simply tapping their BlackBerry devices together, via near field communication (NFC) technology.

  • RIM launches BlackBerry Torch 9860 and BlackBerry Torch 9810 Smartphones in Singapore

    RIM today announced the launch of two new BlackBerry 7 OS smartphones in Singapore, the BlackBerry Torch 9860 and BlackBerry Torch 9810.   Pre-order for both smartphone models start today, with expected availability in Singapore on September 22nd.

  • RIM launches BlackBerry Curve 9350, 9360 and 9370

    Research in Motion (RIM) has announced three new additions to their line of BlackBerry smartphones – Curve 9350, Curve 9360 and Curve 9370. Preloaded with the latest BlackBerry 7 operating system, the three new smartphones feature stylish exterior design with performance upgrade to offer superb mobile social experience for the users.

  • BlackBerry Bold 9900 now available for pre-order from M1

    We have posted a fair bit of news about RIM's then-upcoming BlackBerry smartphone, the BlackBerry Bold 9900, for some time ever since it made its debut in CommunicAsia this year, but the fact remains that the most important detail pertaining to pricing and local availability has been left unanswered all this while. This has changed

  • Research in Motion introduces Music Store app for BlackBerry PlayBook

    Research in Motion, maker of the popular BlackBerry devices, has announced a new music store app for the BlackBerry PlayBook. The company has collaborated with 7digitalto bring over nine million tracks to BlackBerry PlayBook users in Singapore.

  • BlackBerry App World 3.0 now available on BlackBerry Beta Zone

    Research in Motion has announced the new BlackBerry App World 3.0 which claims to offer improved BlackBerry app experience for the users. The App World 3.0 is now available in the BlackBerry Beta Zone for all BlackBerry smartphone users.

  • Facebook for Android gets push notifications, thanks to BlackBerry

    Now this has got to be an interesting little “feature” of sorts for Facebook, if there ever was one. Apparently, it is now possible for Android users to receive push notifications from Facebook on their smartphones even though the feature has yet to make its way down to the official Facebook app for Android. And

  • RIM releases BBM 6, and Facebook 2.0 for BlackBerry smartphones and PlayBook

    Research in Motion has announced the updated Facebook 2.0 for BlackBerry smartphones and PlayBook, as well as BlackBerry Messenger 6 (BBM 6). Simply go on BlackBerry AppWorld to download the apps to your devices.

  • RIM to unveil a new BlackBerry phone today?

    Well, it seems that the good folks over at Research In Motion has got something interesting lined up for the world today. And apparently, the excitement over at RIM is so great that the company cannot resist teasing its fans with a cryptic hint of they can expect to see unveiled in the later part

  • BlackBerry PlayBook wins FIPS certification needed for U.S government deployment

    Think that Research In Motion (RIM) is swiftly losing ground to the likes of Apple's iOS and Google's Android, especially where government deployment is concerned? Well, think again; apparently, RIM's BlackBerry PlayBook, coupled with all the security features that people have come to associate with the company's BlackBerry operating system, has just scored a win in

  • RIM will not discontinue WiFi-only version of PlayBook

    When Research In Motion (RIM) revealed in its earnings call that it was only able to ship 500,000 PlayBooks for its fiscal first quarter, rumours about the company probably having plans to discontinue the WiFi-only version of its new tablet in favor of focusing its efforts on the upcoming 4G versions and its other products

  • RIM’s media hub to be called the BlackBerry Cyclone?

    Seems like just about every single OEM out there wants to come up with a product of sorts that could compete with Apple's array of consumer electronic devices, and Research In Motion (RIM) is no exception. Apparently, word has it that the Canadian telecommunication and wireless device company is extremely keen on delivering a product

  • BlackBerry Bold 9900 to launch in US next month?

    Remember the little story we published a month ago about Research In Motion or RIM unveiling its upcoming BlackBerry Bold 9900 smartphone, while conveniently choosing to keep consumers in the dark by not providing any details about pricing and availability? Well, we got some good news; apparently BlackBerry fans who cannot wait to get their

  • BlackBerry PlayBook tablet review: because tablets need their own playtime too

    Most tablet OEMs appear to be centered about the desire to dethrone Apple's iPad from its current position in the form of an "iPad killer". And just when you thought the entire tablet war is going to be fought solely between the likes of Android and iOS, out comes Research In Motion (RIM) to surprise

  • Research in Motion unveils BlackBerry Bold 9900 in Singapore

    This evening, Research in Motion unveiled the latest BlackBerry Bold 9900 in Singapore. The Bold 9900 claims to be the thinnest and most powerful BlackBerry smartphones yet with the renowned Blackberry keyboard, brilliant touchscreen display and the new BlackBerry 7 OS. VR-Zone brings you the coverage.

  • BlackBerry PlayBook: officially available in Singapore on 23 June

    It was only slightly over a week when Research in Motion announced the launch of the BlackBerry PlayBook in Singapore, though pricing and availability details weren't made known then. Today, the company said that the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet will be availabile in Singapore from 23 June.

  • Research in Motion launches BlackBerry PlayBook in Singapore, first in Asia

    The BlackBerry PlayBook has finally landed in Singapore. This evening, Research in Motion announced the launch of the long-awaited tablet device equipped with dual core processor and capable of multi-processing and multi-tasking. Expect to see the PlayBook in stores soon.

  • RIM collaborates with Microsoft to bring Bing on BlackBerry devices

    Don't be surprised if your newly purchased BlackBerry devices are loaded with Microsoft Bing as the default search engine. Well, that is only because Research in Motion and Microsoft have recently announced the collaboration to bring the search engine to the BlackBerry platform.

  • RIM confirms support for Android applications in upcoming BlackBerry PlayBook tablet

    Remember the rumours made some time back about RIM's upcoming tablet being able to run both its own apps alongside that of Android's, even though it uses a different operating system? Well, it turns out that the rumours were true after all: the PlayBook will indeed come with such functionality built into the BlackBerry Tablet