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  • EU to fine Microsoft over lack of web browser choice

    The European Union is to fine Microsoft for failing to comply with a 2009 ruling over its lack of choice in web browsers on Windows-based computers.

  • Break Google Chrome, Get Paid up to $2,000,0000!

    After increasing the bounties for its vulnerabilities rewards program, Google has announced that it will double the prize pool for its Google Chrome hacking competition.

  • Google Faces Anti-Trust Probe on Patent Claims Abuse

    The Federal Trade Commission is reportedly investigating Google over patent abuse charges against Motorola Mobility Unit, which is now owned by Google. The FTC have allegedly issued a civil investigative demand and will be seeking to establish whether or not Motorola is reaching out to rivals such as Microsoft and Apple and making good faith

  • Google brings Chrome browser to iPhone and iPad

    Google has released its Chrome web browser on the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, allowing users to sync with the browser on their desktop and laptop computers.

  • Yahoo Makes Huge Security Error with Axis Browser

    Shortly after release, a severe security flaw was discovered in the Chrome Axis extension released by Yahoo.

  • Google Chrome introducing cross-device ‘Tab Sync’

    The Google Chrome browser for PCs, tablets and cell phones is getting an update to save user tabs across multiple devices.

  • Google adds tab synchronization through Chrome Beta channel

    Google is working towards rolling in a new feature for Chrome that will be of benefit to many of today's users. In arguably the best addition yet to its recent shift of focus in providing an extensive set of synchronization features, Google is about to put a cherry on top for us with an announcement

  • Microsoft’s IE web browser mildly regains usage share

    With the likes of Mozilla's FireFox and Google's Chrome web browsers dominating the show these days it's hard to imagine Internet Explorer ever gaining popularity again, but the latest numbers from Net applications do in fact reflect increased usage momentum when focusing on March's usage share data.

  • Google launches Chrome for Android beta

    Google is getting ready to give Android users – well, at least those on Android 4.0 devices – a desktop browser experience on their mobile devices with the introduction of Chrome for Android beta. Currently it's limited to 12 countries, but more should be following shortly.

  • Facebook, Google, Microsoft and more – edging towards Big Brother or, worse, SkyNet?

    Facebook, with close to a billion users now, is a perfect data mining treasure for any intelligence service that would control it – but what about Google's combination of tracking and searching capabilities? Or Microsoft's rumoured backdoors in Windows for the US intelligence?

  • Google’s Chrome browser to overtake Internet Explorer this year

    Google's Chrome web browser will overtake Microsoft's Internet Explorer (IE) this year, becoming the most used browser across the world, according to figures by StatCounter.

  • Google adds SVG and CSS GPU acceleration to Chrome

    Google has added new GPU acceleration features to its Chrome web browser, following in the footsteps of Microsoft and Internet Explorer 9.

  • Internet Explorer 9 tops browser security test once again

    Remember the news we posted some time back about how Microsoft's Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) web browser topped the charts for browser security in Europe?It turns out that NSS Labs has released the results of yet another browser security test that pits IE9 against other popular browsers, except that this time the test consists of

  • Chromebooks can now run Windows…sort of

    Google may have explicitly declared that their Chromebooks will not allow a user to install anything to the local storage, much less replace the stock Chrome OS operating system with an alternative OS such as Windows 7 or a Linux distribution. However, the good news is that Chromebook owners who simply cannot do without Windows

  • Study claims that IE users have lower IQ than those who use other browsers

    Microsoft's venerable Internet Explorer is one of the most popular web browsers available on the market today, but attempting to link a person's intelligence to the type of browser he or she uses for their daily dose of Internet content may just sound a little too far-fetched, right? Not for AptiQuant it isn't. Apparently, the Canadian company

  • Baidu releases own web browser, looks a lot like a certain competitor

    Just when you though China's penchant for providing its own domestic alternatives to various popular products and online services could not get any more interesting, out comes Baidu to further consolidate its position as the country's version of Google, and the latest piece of news seems to confirm that claim. Apparently, it seems that Baidu has

  • Microsoft scores first place in malware blocking test with Internet Explorer 9

    Speak of Internet Explorer to most computer-savvy people and chances are you will be given icy glares and a profound lecture of how Microsoft always fails to make a good browser that is capable of safeguarding a user from nasty malware circulating the depths of cyberspace, right? Well, not anymore; apparently, a recent study conducted

  • Google to integrate internet telephony features into Chrome?

    With Skype's internet telephony solution being the most popular one available to consumers by far, it would make perfect sense that Microsoft would have attempted to acquire the company and its interlectual property in order to integrate its functionality into is software offerings. However, it seems that Google is also keen to integrate Skype-like features

  • Google launches picture search and voice search for desktops

    Google has announced that it has come up with a few new ways to use its search service and we can imagine that at least one of the two new options is set to become quite popular. The two new options are Google Voice Search and Search by Image, of which the first has been

  • Xi3 ChromiumPC: First desktop PC to run Google Chrome OS due in July

      While Google made reference to forthcoming desktops running its Chrome OS at its recent I/O conference, the company provided few specifics. Xi3 has since filled that breach by announcing that its ChromiumPC will be the first desktop to run the operating system when it launches in early July. Xi3 had designed a modular architecture