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  • AVEXIR: Why you should care if you are an enthusiast

      Judging from the products line-up from AVEXIR at this year's COMPUTEX, it appears they are well endowned to be one of the leading memory players in the enthusiasts market along side with Taiwan based G.Skill, TeamGroup and GeIL. Later part of this year, they will focus on pushing their own brand memories instead where

  • PhotoFast has unusual Apple accessories

    At last year's Computex, PhotoFast showed off some prototypes and mock-ups of its first Apple accessories and although the company back then was focused on SSDs, it's now shifting over to do more and more Apple accessories. The difference between PhotoFast and the other 10 million or so companies that make Apple accessories is that

  • CUPP Computing shows off working setup at Computex

    We wrote about Norwegian CUPP Computing a few days before Computex and we meet up with them at the last day of the show for a quick hands on with their new setup. Although we didn't actually get to fondle the PunkThis board, as it was hidden away in a perspex box, the company also

  • Cooler Master at Computex

    Although Computex has been over for a good few days by now, we're continuing our coverage for the rest of this week, as we visited a lot of companies at the show and we simply didn't have time to write it all up there and then. Cooler Master had a lot of new products on

  • VLI shows off some new USB 3.0 solutions at Computex

    VIA Labs Inc. or VLI had a few new USB 3.0 solutions to show off as well at Computex, some rather interesting solutions and some other ones that have a lot more practical usage. VLI has as yet to pass USB-IF certification for its host controllers, but is expecting to do so later this month,

  • Etron shows off 3D cameras, motion controller and new USB 3.0 host controller

    During Computex we tried to meet up with as many of the USB 3.0 host controller makers as we had a chance to do. Etron has proven to be a popular choice with several motherboard manufacturers and although its host controller is the largest of the ones available, Etron was also one of the first

  • Broadcom goes Wi-Fi Direct crazy at Computex

    You might be wondering what Wi-Fi Direct is and to put it in really simple terms, it does pretty much what Bluetooth does, just at Wi-Fi speeds. Ok, so it's not quite that simple, but at least it's the basic theory of how it works and Broadcom was showing off some really cool demoes at

  • ECS HQ Tour and Interview

    VR-Zone was invited to a tour of ECS' headquarters in Taipei and an interview with ECS vice-president David Chien. Read on for pictures and an interesting Q&A session!

  • VR-Zone talks with ASMedia at Computex

    During Computex we took the opportunity to talk to ASMedia, a local Taiwanese company that is known for its USB 3.0 host controllers, but makes so much more. So don’t be afraid, click on through for a visit to the world of USB 3.0, SATA 6Gbps and much more.

  • ASUS at Computex 2011 – Republic of Gamers, TUF, SonicMaster, Eee PCs and More!

    ASUS has been enjoying a phenomenal year, picking up numerous design wins and awards including the "Champion of the Best Choice Awards" for the Eee Pad Transformer. Join us as we venture into ASUS' massive Computex booth at Nangang Exhibition Hall. *Updated Coverage @ 6pm*

  • Computex 2011: Booth Babes Final Episode – Can’t keep my hands out of the cookie jar

    Computex Taipei 2011 has officially closed its doors just over an hour ago – and we managed to take 2 more videos of outstanding Thermaltake and Genius showgirls performing their dance moves on stage. Enjoy!

  • Strontium Memory Products @ Computex Taipei 2011 Nangang Exhibition Hall

    Singapore based flash memory manufacturer Strontium were exhibiting their products at Computex Taipei 2011. More after the break!

  • Enermax PSU Vibration Stress Test Video from Computex Taipei 2011 (Epilepsy Warning)

    We found this demostration at the Enermax booth at Computex 2011 Nangang Exhibition Hall 1F to be strangely alluring. Check out our video recording after the break…

  • Computex 2011 Final Day Press Conference: The “perfect end” to the Asia’s largest ICT trade show

    After five eventful days of showcasing the latest technological advanvements in the field of infocommunication technology, the world's second largest such trade show, also known as Computex, has finally come to an end. And like how most major events are, TAITRA has organized a press conference at Hall 1 of the Taipei World Trade Center,

  • Relive the Windows 8 Partner Preview Demo Event (better video!)

    Relive the ground breaking Windows 8 Partner Preview Event, this time in a 32 minute-long HD video! Experience the new touch-centric UI and the mysterious prototype devices! Windows 8 is scheduled to be released in 2012 and will run on both x86 and ARM platforms.

  • BlueStacks: High-Speed Android on Windows

    What if you could run Android on Windows in real time, side-by-side and without any lag whatsoever? BlueStacks promises all this – we go hands-on after the break.

  • Computex 2011: Booth Babes Episode 4 – (47 Stills + 2 Videos, 10 pages) OH BEHAVE!

    Our final episode features 47 stills and 2 videos of gorgeous booth babes from Nangang Exhibition Hall. Thank you for allowing us to bring the best of Computex Taipei 2011 to you!

  • A-DATA Demos SandForce-Based mSATA SSDs

    Over at COMPUTEX, A-DATA has a rather interesting line-up of SSDs based on SandForce controllers from top to bottom. For the performance category, they have the S511 2.5" SATA 6Gb/s in capacities of 60/120/240/480GB utilizing the SandForce SF-2200 controller and Intel 25nm Compute NAND with 550/520MB read/write speeds. What is more interesting is that their mSATA and unique

  • PowerColor Displays HD 6870 X2 and HD 6970 X2 at Computex

    It was only a matter of time before this happened: PowerColor has shoehorned two HD 6970s onto a single PCB (ridiculously large heatsink included). Also on show was a more reasonably sized HD 6870 X2. Look inside for pictures and specifications. (Updated with HD 6870 X2 pricing)

  • be quiet! Here Comes Some Dark Stuff

    We chanced upon a quiet booth this morning but in a good way. They have some really sleek looking, high performance yet silent products lurking around their booth and we have rounded up some of their best products that might interest you.