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  • Dell launches Access program in Southeast Asia

    In a world when consumerism reigns supreme, it is common knowledge that any company that does not make a serious attempt to connect and understand its customer base is not likely to remain in business for long. And it seems that Dell is only too aware of the importance of engaging with key influencers, for

  • Alienware M14x gaming notebook review: it’s all about pleasing our alien overlords

    Gaming laptops, you say? Who needs them when the world is moving towards smaller, low-powered machines that are designed to be versatile enough to handle everything the average consumer can throw at it? Well, tell THAT to the gaming community which strongly believes in the benefits of having a notebook powerful enough to handle most of

  • Dell teases unnamed 15-inch ultrathin notebook PC

    Notebooks are meant to be portable, but there will always be times where portability has to take a back seat, especially where performance, onscreen real estate and user comfort is concerned. As luck will have it, Dell has apparently received enough requests for a 15-inch ultrathin notebook for it to actually start producing its own

  • Dell announces official availability of Android-powered Venue smartphone in Singapore

    When news of the Android-powered Venue smartphone broke, we all instinctively knew that it would be a  very long wait before Dell's new smartphone will eventually show up for sale on the retail shelves in sunny Singapore. As it turned out, we were right; Dell has officially confirmed that Venue will be making its way

  • Dell to release UltraSharp U2412M / U2412HM, U2312HM and U2212HM soon

    Dell regularly refreshes its high-end LCD products approximately every one year and a half. Recent product listings and driver releases on Dell's support site reveal that the replacement for the UltraSharp U2410, the U2412M (or U2412HM), is on track for a Q3 2011 release, along with two other smaller-sized models, the U2312HM and U2212HM.

  • Dell Launches Alienware Concept Store, Unveils New Laptops

    It is a great day for Dell Singapore as the company unveils their first Alienware Concept Store in Singapore. Along with that, Dell is reinforcing its Alienware brand of laptops with new hardware as well as a new model, the 14-inch M14x. Hop on to find out more

  • More Alienware M14x details, refreshed M11x R3 also expected

    Dell's Alienware division is getting ready to launch a new 14-inch gaming notebook according to leaked information posed on a blog that tend to have accurate details of upcoming Dell products and among other things predicted the M17x R3. The same site is also saying that we can expect Dell to launch the updated M11x

  • Dell launches new Inspiron R notebooks

    It is spring time and Dell has announced what can only be described as its spring collection which is a refresh of its Inpiron R series of notebooks that now features removable display backs, something akin to Nokia's swappable phone covers of the past. Of course there's more to the new line than swappable bits

  • Leaked images of Alienware M14x and M18x surface online

    Dell has had only three Alienware notebooks up for sale for quite some time, but it seems that consumers may be soon able to have a greater variety of choices, thanks to a couple of leaked images. Apparently, hidden in Dell's factories are two more Alienware notebooks in its production line, and they come in

  • ECS Computer secures distribution rights for Dell and Lexmark products

    In today's local news, ECS has announced that it has signed an agreement with both Dell and Lexmark which will allow it to serve as a distribution partner for a wide range of products from the aforementioned companies. Read on to find out more.

  • Leaked Dell roadmap reveals 3 new smartphones and 6 tablet devices for 2011/2012

    Leaked documents show Dell has planned for three smartphones (Android and Windows Phone 7) and six tablet devices which are based on Android 3.0 Honeycomb and Windows platform this year and early 2012.

  • Rumour: Dell to buy AMD?

    There is no denying that AMD is currently facing yet another rough patch, but it appears that the situation over at the Sunnyvale chip company might be a lot worse than what the company is willing to let on. Apparently, the recent string of departures from AMD's senior executive board has sparked off rumours that

  • Dell Streak review: Streaking its way into the hearts of consumers

    It is a dog-eat-dog world out there where tablets PCs are concerened, and the success of Apple's iPad can only mean one thing: more OEMs are going to get into the game in an attempt to deliver their own 'iPad killer'. And with tablets and slate PCs of all form factors starting to flood the

  • Dell Singapore shows Streak 7 tablet and Venue smartphone

    Dell Singapore held a media lunch today and at the table, the company shows two products that were previously showcased at CES 2011 in Las Vegas last month – Dell Streak 7 Android tablet and Venue Android smartphone. Yes, they are coming to Singapore.

  • Dell showcases prototype Windows 7 tablet and business PCs

    Dell has showcased their new 10-inch Windows 7-based device and business PCs at the recent company's "Dell Means Business" event in San Francisco.

  • Dell Venue Android smartphone priced at US$499, available for purchase

    The long-waited Dell Venue, also known as the Thunder in its early development stages, has been given a price tag of US$499. Similar to the Venue Pro, the Venue offers a 1GHz Qualcomm QSD8250 (Snapdragon) CPU and a large 4.1-inch WVGA AMOLED capactive multi-touch screen, but drops the slide-out keypad and runs on Google’s Android

  • Dell updates Vostro desktop lineup with Intel’s Sandy Bridge platform

    If the grass is always greener on the other side, then it should also be common knowledge that the bridge is always sandier on the other side as well, especially where Intel’s processors are concerned. And thanks to Dell, business users now have the option to ‘upgrade’ their bridges with more sand, courtesy of the

  • Dell introduces Streak 7, Venue, XPS and Alienware laptops with Full HD 3D display at CES 2011

    At the CES 2011, Dell introduced their new range of consumer products which include the Streak 7 4G tablet, Venue smartphone, as well as XPS laptop and Alienware gaming systems with Full high definition (HD) 3D displays.

  • Dell Quietly Updates Online Store With IPS Panel-Totting ST2220T Touchscreen Monitor

    With multitouch being such a huge deal on smartphones and mobile Internet devices, it should be no surprise that developers and OEMs are keen to put that same functionality on a desktop PC where possible. And at least one OEM thinks that desktop multitouch is a good idea: Dell has just updated its product page

  • Dell Launches Inaugural Alienware Arena Asia League

    Dell has acquired Alienware, known for their high-end gaming PCs, few years ago, and  for this festive season, the company has held an inaugural regional gaming competition in Asia for gamers to compete for the title of Asia champion.