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  • Study finds Internet capable HDTVs basically serve only as monitors

    A leading consumer behavior research group’s recent study shows that the Internet connected HDTV is rarely used for Internet surfing.

  • The New Canon PowerShot S110

    Canon is known for their outstanding cameras that come in all manner of styles and user needs, but the new PowerShot S110 with its 12.1 megapixel capability is one outstanding buy. Priced around 450 U.S. dollars, the PowerShot S110 has an image stabilized zoom with a 5X wide-angel optical lens.  This little camera produces some

  • Endangering DirectX? New OpenGL Arrives for Desktop and Mobile Devices

    At the first day of Siggraph 2012, which is taking place at the Los Angeles Convention Center, Khronos group announced the new iterations of OpenGL API for conventional computers and consoles (OpenGL), as well as mobile devices (OpenGL ES).

  • Intel announces the Atom CE5300 media processor family

    About a month and a half ago VR-Zone revealed Intel's Atom CE5300 series of media processors (also known as Berryville) as well as Intel's plans for Tizen and now Intel has officially announced the Atom CE5300 platform at the IPTV World Forum in London. Intel also had some of its partners at the show, displaying their very first set-top-boxes

  • Belkin unveils new brand identity and People-Inspired Products for 2012 in Singapore

    At yesterday's event in Singapore, Belkin unveiled their new brand identity and new products for this year. The new products include the ScreenCast AV4 which lets you connect your home theatre equipment to your HDTV wirelessly, N900 Advanced dual-band N+ router, LiveAction Mic for the iPhone and other accessories.

  • Google drops Intel in favour of ARM for Google TV

    In a surprise to no-one move, Google or rather Marvell has come clean on the fact that Google TV will be moving away from Intel and onto ARM. The first new Google TV boxes should be based on the Marvell Armada 1500 HD media SoC and should make a debut at CES next week.

  • ECS Wi-Bridge does what Intel’s WiDi does on the cheap

    Intel has been pushing its WiDi/Wireless Display video streaming over Wi-Fi technology for a while now, but the technology has to caveats, as not only does your notebook need to have one of a somewhat limited range of Intel Wi-Fi cards, but you also need to have a fairly costly receiver. ECS seems to have

  • Samsung announces availability of new portable media players in Korea

    For most people, the fact that their smartphones boast the capability to provide basic audio and video playback means that there is little need to invest in a dedicated portable media player when their smartphones can satisfy that need. However, it seems that there are enough people who believe in the value of having such

  • ASUS announces availability of new O!Play Mini Plus set-top box in Singapore

    Want to hook up a home theatre PC (HTPC) of sorts to your TV set but don't wish to deal with all the hassle involved in configuring it? Don't worry, there is a set-top box for that, and it comes in the form of ASUS's new set-top media player box, the O!PlayMini Plus, in Singapore.

  • Sony releases new portable stereo FM/AM radio in Japan

    Who needs radios now that most of our smartphones boast built-in FM receivers? Well, tell that to users who have to live in areas where natural disasters such as earthquakes and hurricanes are common occurrences, and suddenly the idea of using a mobile phone for a radio quickly loses its appeal, especially when the electricity

  • Sony announces wall-mountable Hi-Fi system for the iPhone

    Most people will not deny that the iPhone is every bit a fashion statement as much as it is a smartphone, and it seems that Sony is not about to go against such popular opinion, especially if its latest Hi-Fi system that was recently announced in Europe is of any indication. Apparently, the Japanese electronics

  • Singbox SV-606 portable media player/speaker now available in Korea

    How would like to own a portable media player that can double up as a mini speaker system while on the move? Well, that is exactly what Singbox is offering Korean consumers with its new SV-606 portable media player / speaker hybrid device, which is reportedly capable of performing the aforementioned task, and then some. Read

  • Sigma Designs show off tiny set-top-box

    It appears that Sigma Designs, the company behind the decoder chips in a fair few set-top-boxes and media players just aren't happy with the kind of devices available in the market today and as such the company has come up with a reference design that the company is hailing as the industry's most advanced, ultra-thin

  • The special one-day Apple shopping event is here!

    It’s less than three weeks till the Year of the Tiger makes way for the Year of the Rabbit, and Apple has given us ample reason to celebrate early by slashing prices in the online Apple Store.

  • iriver’s new portable media player will give the Zune a run for its money

    Things may have been rather quiet over at iriver for the past few months, but it is clear that the company has no plans to let itself fade to nothingness while its competitors continue to churn out portable music players. Will its new U100 portable media player be a sign of the Korean OEM making

  • Logitech Revue (Google TV) jailbroken, not for the faint-hearted

      So, you got Logitech’s Google TV set-top box at home and has been tempting to jailbreak it. The time has finally come, get your soldering iron ready and find out more inside.

  • Android “Honeycomb” media player user interface exposed

    While Nexus S may be the first smartphone to run the new Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) OS, but already there are prototype devices which are running the next version of the OS called “Honeycomb”, though it has not been finalized whether it will be version 2.4 or 3.0. Regardless, the media player for Android “Honeycomb” sports a sleek

  • Universal Tech MyMovie MV3800 and MV2500 review: Because Movies Are Meant To Be Viewed On Big Screens

    If Hello Kitty can never have too many friends, then we over at VR-Zone will proudly claim that one can never have too many movies to watch, especially in this era of 2TB hard disk drives and the upcoming fiber-optic broadband network. And we got not one, but two media players up for review this

  • Samsung to unveil Galaxy Player at CES, rivals iPod Touch

    Samsung has the answer to Apple’s iPod Touch, and it comes in the form of Galaxy Player - in short, a Samsung Galaxy S minus the phone functionality. And according to news, the Galaxy Player will be unveiled at the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show.

  • ASUS announces O!Play MINI compact media player

    ASUS announced the O!Play HD2 media player in late September and we at VR-Zone has reviewed the product last month. Today, the Taiwanese manufacturer has unveiled their latest O!Play MINI media player that offers high definition (HD) content on your TV, as well as superb multimedia features, all in a compact device.