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  • Sony’s next generation DEV-50V binoculars is here

    The second-generation DEV-50V binoculars are smaller, lighter, have better zoom, OLED display and can even record videos in 3D. What else can one ask from a pair of binoculars, except maybe, a lower price?

  • New lawsuit has Jannard seeing RED over patent infringements

    RED Digital Cinema is suing Sony claiming that they violated their patents on the F65, F55 and F5 cameras. RED is seeking monetary damages for loss of profits and also asking that all f-series of cameras from Sony be “delivered up and destroyed.”

  • New YouTube Space studio opens in Tokyo for video entrepreneurs

    YouTube Space studios are expanding to include a new facility in Tokyo, Japan.  Currently YouTube has studios in London, England and Los Angeles, CA to help serve the needs of video makers, and all free of charge.

  • Kowa-Girlie, the Snap-On Instant Door Camera

    Magrex Japan introduces the Kowa-Girlie camera, the camera that you can easily "snap on" and install on any door, and can be conveniently accessed via smartphone.

  • Fuji Film says 1 Tbyte discs possible 2 years

    In a recent research paper from Fuji Film, the company stated they are working on a new recording method in which a disc can hold 1TB of data by the use of a two-photon absorbtion technique.

  • The New Canon PowerShot S110

    Canon is known for their outstanding cameras that come in all manner of styles and user needs, but the new PowerShot S110 with its 12.1 megapixel capability is one outstanding buy. Priced around 450 U.S. dollars, the PowerShot S110 has an image stabilized zoom with a 5X wide-angel optical lens.  This little camera produces some

  • Endangering DirectX? New OpenGL Arrives for Desktop and Mobile Devices

    At the first day of Siggraph 2012, which is taking place at the Los Angeles Convention Center, Khronos group announced the new iterations of OpenGL API for conventional computers and consoles (OpenGL), as well as mobile devices (OpenGL ES).

  • Patriot Memory Introduces New Extreme Performance EP Series Flash Solutions

    Patriot Memory announced today the release of Extreme Performance SDHC/SDXC UHS-I flash storage. The new cards are capable of reaching speeds up to 50MB/s read and 35MB/s write, which of course means that they are Class 10 compatible, making them ideal for high performance imaging solutions. The company will offer the new cards in capacities ranging

  • Intel announces the Atom CE5300 media processor family

    About a month and a half ago VR-Zone revealed Intel's Atom CE5300 series of media processors (also known as Berryville) as well as Intel's plans for Tizen and now Intel has officially announced the Atom CE5300 platform at the IPTV World Forum in London. Intel also had some of its partners at the show, displaying their very first set-top-boxes

  • Panasonic unveils six new 3D Blu-ray recorders in Japan

    Panasonic has announced the availability of six new 3D Blu-ray recorders under the DIGA brand in Japan. The new recorders, which bear the model numbers BZT9000, BZT910. BZT810, BZT710, BWT510 and BRT210, will sport various unique features such as multi-show simultaneous recording and wireless connectivity, among many others.

  • Mitsubishi announces new HDTV with built-in Blu-ray and hard disk recorder

    While some people may prefer to build up every aspect of their home theatre setup with individual, standalone components in order exercise as much control over the hardware as possible, there will always be others who prefer the convenience of having everything baked into a single device so that the initial setup is nothing short