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  • Haswell graphics – just in time for 4K UHD TV

    While AMD Trinity was the first to technically allow it, Haswell seems to be the first CPU with integrated GPU to support proper 30 fps 4K for most of the video content. Here are the first impressions…

  • Ivy Bridge HD Graphics to gain 4K Display Support in October

    Intel is showcasing a plethora of existing and upcoming technologies at their latest iteration of the annual IDF San Francisco conference. First up is confirmation of a 4K display driver update to the integrated GPU HD 2500/4000 of Ivy Bridge processors.

  • NVIDIA Adds Windows 8 to its Drivers Stack

    After AMD released its Catalyst beta drivers for Windows 8 Consumer Preview, we didn’t have to wait on NVIDIA for too long: the company added Windows 8 to its regular driver update portfolio.

  • NVIDIA’s GeForce 295.73 WHQL Driver is out

    NVIDIA has just released the first WHQL'd R295 series driver for GeForce graphics cards, 295.73 and with it comes some bold promises in terms of performance improvements in various popular game titles.

  • Intel’s My WiFi Dashboard with Wi-Fi Direct unveiled

    Software screenshots are generally not that exciting, but we've gotten our hands on a slide that unveils a lot of upcoming features that will make an appearance in Intel's upcoming Wi-Fi utility called My WiFi Dashboard which is finally getting some Wi-Fi Direct support. The significant thing here is that it allows you to connect

  • Intel RST 11 to bring TRIM support to RAID 0

    It's been a very long wait, but it looks like Intel is finally ready to bring TRIM support for SSD's in a RAID 0 configuration according to details appearing on Storage Review. That said, the details posted were very slim and VR-Zone is here to fill in the gaps with some exclusive details as to

  • AMD also releases special driver (Catalyst 11.10 Preview) for Battlefield 3

    Hot on the heels of their green rivals, AMD also released a special driver just in time for the Battlefield 3 Open Beta today, and claims performance increases in both single card and crossfire scenarios.

  • NVIDIA GeForce 285.38 Drivers Now Downloadable – In Time For Battlefield 3 Open Beta Tomorrow

      NVIDIA has just released their 285.38 BETA drivers, claiming up to 38% performance increases and other improvements for the Battlefield 3 Open Beta which will be available to privileged early access users in less than 23 hours' time.

  • NVIDIA releases GeForce 280.26 driver

    GeForce 280.26 WHQL driver is now available for download and will support GeForce 6, 7, 8, 9, 100, 200, 300, 400, and 500-series desktop GPUs as well as ION desktop GPUs.

  • AMD Catalyst 11.7 Released

    Six weeks after the release of Catalyst 11.6, AMD now introduces Catalyst 11.7 which appears to resolve several issues for the Windows 7 operating system. However, there is no mention of any performance enhancements in games.

  • Mozilla plans to release its own mobile OS, calls it Boot To Gecko

    When it comes to toying around with operating systems that are specially designed for use with mobile computing devices and gadgets such as smartphones and tablets, the only players out there on the market are Apple's iOS, Google's Android, Research In Motion's BlackBerry OS, HP's webOS and Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 and Windows 7 operating

  • AMD Catalyst 11.6 Released

    AMD Catalyst 11.6 is now officially released. The release notes indicated several resolved issues for the Windows operating system. It also featured AMD Steady Video, Image Stabilisation in YouTube. We ran the UNIGINE benchmark test to compare with the previous Catalyst 11.5 driver. More details inside.

  • Intel updates WiDi drivers, adds 1080p support, HDCP protection

    If you've got a recent Intel powered notebook with an Intel network card in it, there's a big chance that you have WiDi support in your notebook without even knowing about it. That said, you'd need a little box that hooks up to your TV to take advantage of video streaming over Wi-Fi, but so

  • NVIDIA GeForce R270 Drivers Available For Download

    NVIDIA today has finally released the first set of drivers from R270 branch which is version 270.51. It boasts numerous, notable performance gains in standard gaming modes, SLI gaming modes, and 3D Vision gaming modes. Games such as Dragon Age II is notably faster in GTX 580 SLI config while others have a few percent of

  • NVIDIA Releases 267.91 WHQL Drivers for GeForce GTX 590

      NVIDIA has released a new driver today specifically for GeForce GTX 590 but not much information has been revealed. However, we suspect that it might somehow relate to the recent incidents of their flagship cards going up in smoke. NVIDIA has urged their partners to dump their few days old driver CD loaded with

  • Fermi-based Quadro 4000 For Mac Bottlenecked By OS X’s OpenGL 3.1

    If there is a good example of the classic ‘good news bad news’ situation, NVIDIA’s latest graphics card for the Mac Pro has to be it. The good news: the Fermi-based Quadro 4000 which was previously available only to PC users has come to the Mac Pro. The bad news? OS X will not support

  • Overclocked: Palit GeForce GTX 465 non-reference

    We have decided to do away with a review of our Palit GeForce GTX 465 by coming up with this overclocking feature. With ATI’s latest Catalyst 10.7 and NVIDIA’s Release 258.96 drivers, we compare how much faster the custom-built Palit gets when it is overclocked against the Radeon HD 5850. Hit up the link for all

  • Nvidia unleashes Release 256 drivers

    Nvidia’s anticipated Release 256 drivers are finally here. The first drivers released is the 257.15 beta, supporting all Nvidia graphics cards since the 6 series. Needless to say, these are the most dramatically improved drivers since “Big Bang II” back in 2008. Nvidia claims dramatic performance increases for the Geforce GTX 400 series, with an

  • Major HYDRA Driver Update Boosts Performance of MSI Big Bang-Fuzion

    MSI, leader in mainboards and graphic cards, announces the major HYDRA driver update – V1.5.106 – to the MSI Big Bang-Fuzion. HYDRA Technology supports up to 3-way cross-vendor multi-GPU processing and DirectX 11 for experiencing the latest and most detailed 3D gaming environments with the most flexibility of any platform. More of the Press Release

  • Catalyst 10.3 for Windows now supports mobile graphics

    Owners of Windows-powered notebook equipped with ATI mobile graphics cards, now is your time to rejoice: Catalyst 10.3 for Windows finally brings with it support for the recent Mobility Radeon graphics cards. Read on for more information.