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  • Fractal Design Node 304 ITX Enclosure Review

    2012 has been quite a successful year for the ITX form factor, with both motherboard and chassis makers coming out with more ambitious and innovative offerings for the power users. Is the Fractal Design Node 304 the casing you want to use for your gaming PC?

  • Case review : Fractal Design Core 3000

      Originating in Sweden, Fractal Design is relatively new manufacturer who focuses on computer cases and accessories. Their first few products were enough for the company to become very popular among the enthusiasts. Today we bring you the first review of a Fractal Design product in VR-Zone, the Core 3000 case.

  • [Finalised] Computex 2011 Round-up: Casing, PSU, Cooler

    Computex 2011 Round-up for both day 1 and 2. SILVERSTONE's TJ12, NZXT Pink Case, Noctua's Prototype Cooler and the PCCOOLER's W120 are some of the interesting things we get to see. The various casings, PSUs and coolers are sorted according to the different manufacturers for your convenience. 

  • Fractal Design Unleashes Core 1000 PC Chassis

    Swedish-based Fractal Design has launched the Core 1000 PC chassis, targeting mainstream users. Measuring 175 x 355 x 420mm and weighing 4.1kg, the all-black chassis has sufficient room for two 3.5" HDDs (or three 2.5" SSDs), two optical devices, four PCIe slots, demountable HDD tray with anti-vibration silicone grommets, and a side mounted I/O panel