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  • Samsung unveils self-emptying intelligent cleaning robot

    Samsung has added a self-emptying intelligent robot to its home cleaning collection, bringing us closer to a world where manual vacuuming will be a thing of the past.

  • Apple unveils iPhone 5, new iPods, and revamped iTunes

    Apple has unveiled the iPhone 5 at an event in San Francisco, showcasing a number of improvements and additions, but largely failing to offer any surprises.

  • Olympus Japan announces that they’re “back” in the AR Glasses game with MEG4.0

    Olympus announced today that they're developing a new AR glasses prototype, which they're calling "MEG4.0", that will incorporate all the know-how they've accumulated in making wearable computing devices thus far.

  • Intel researching computers that mimic human brain

    Intel is researching computer technology that mimics the human brain so that it learns about the user over time, marking a major milestone in artificial intelligence and next-generation computing.

  • This pair of augmented-reality glasses supports Windows 7

    Sure, Google's Project Glass augmented-reality technology may still be in an early stage, but the days of walking around the streets with a video feed overlaid atop your field of vision may be coming sooner than you think. As soon as June, in fact, if you're willing to shell out 199,980 yen (~US$2,476) for a pair

  • Valve hardware project is wearable computing

    Valve's mysterious hardware project is about making wearable computing, according to Valve developer Michael Abrash, potentially revolutionising the industry.

  • Nvidia Tegra 4 to get GPGPU i.e. GPU Computational Capabilities, Kepler Inside?

    In the discussions surrounding the launch of NVIDIA Kepler (GK104 – GTX 680 and GK107 – GT 640M) architecture, we learned a lot of interesting details from NVIDIA engineers and marketing staff. Interested in GPGPU in a smartphone?

  • Sony announces new B Series Walkman in Singapore

    Sony Electronics Asia Pacific has announced the launch of the new B Series Walkman in Singapore. Designed for music lovers on the move, the Walkman has eye-catching designs and boasts up to 18 hours of playback with rich bass and superb audio quality. 

  • Sony new E-series Walkman to launch on 11 February

    Sony Japan has announced their new Walkman E-series, which is scheduled to launch on 11 February next month. Available in 2GB and 4GB models, the  NW-E060 and NW-E060K series come in four trendy colors with a 1.4-inch LCD display.

  • Chinese court rejects Apple iPad trademark claims

    A Chinese court has rejected a lawsuit filed by Apple, which alleges that Proview Technology is infringing its iPad trademark, spelling potentially disastrous news for the iPad in the country.

  • Philips unveils speaker docks for Android

    Android devices finally receive not one but three speaker docks designed for the platform, courtesy of Philips. A repackaged version of its iPod-oriented cousin the DS8500, this new kid in the block seems like a hit from early reports.

  • New BBX phone to be RIM’s saving grace?

    A new phone from Research In Motion (RIM) sporting the new BBX platform will emerge soon, and the company claims that it will have functionalities which are similar to the PlayBook. This remains to be seen as the phone is said to only be released in the first half of 2012

  • Apple bans researcher for making security loopholes public

      Apple platforms have mostly been less susceptible to security breaches, and are more trusted. That good name may now be tarnished by a recent stunt to uncover a flaw in the system which allows a virus loaded app to pass and made public to show that the vulnerability is real. Instead of acknowledging the

  • Sony ICF-DS15iP clock radio offers great audio experience and alarm to wake you up

    Sony Electronics Asia Pacific has launched their ‘all-in-one’ clock radio, the ICF-DS15iP, which is sleek, has large volume output and is compatible with Apple iPod and iPhone devices. It features Mega Bass and Mega Xpand Sound system, and comes with a remote control to access the playback and alarm options easily.

  • Samsung announces availability of new portable media players in Korea

    For most people, the fact that their smartphones boast the capability to provide basic audio and video playback means that there is little need to invest in a dedicated portable media player when their smartphones can satisfy that need. However, it seems that there are enough people who believe in the value of having such

  • ASUS announces availability of new O!Play Mini Plus set-top box in Singapore

    Want to hook up a home theatre PC (HTPC) of sorts to your TV set but don't wish to deal with all the hassle involved in configuring it? Don't worry, there is a set-top box for that, and it comes in the form of ASUS's new set-top media player box, the O!PlayMini Plus, in Singapore.

  • Sony releases new additions to Walkman W series of portable media players in Japan

    Need a new portable media player that is rugged enough to withstand the knocks and perspiration involved when engaging in some serious exercise? If so, Sony has got the solution for you, and it comes in the form of its latest additions to its Walkman W series of rugged portable media players. According to Sony,

  • Monster announces availability of limited edition Detox Beats Pro professional headphones

    Are you a fan of Monster-branded products? If so, this latest announcement from the Californian-based company might be just be of interest to you. Apparently, Monster has decided to celebrate the release of Dr. Dre's latest album, which is known as Detox, by announcing the availability of its new limited edition headphones, Monster Beats Pro

  • InCase new Andy Warhol collection of products

    Equest International, distributor of InCase in Singapore, showcased the various line of InCase accessories designed for Apple products including iPhone, iPad and MacBook. Among them is the Andy Warhol designer collection of products which include the iPhone 4 cases, protective cases and shoulder bags.

  • RIM’s media hub to be called the BlackBerry Cyclone?

    Seems like just about every single OEM out there wants to come up with a product of sorts that could compete with Apple's array of consumer electronic devices, and Research In Motion (RIM) is no exception. Apparently, word has it that the Canadian telecommunication and wireless device company is extremely keen on delivering a product