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  • COMPUTEX: Galaxy demonstates dual-GPU GTX 470

    Galaxy have what is the hottest, most complex graphics card ever built at Computex. We have known for a long while that an official dual-GF100 card would be impossible, but Galaxy have gone ahead and created a truly insane card. The card is a 12 inches long dual-GF100 monster, with not one inch spared. It

  • Non-reference and factory overclocked: First Looks at the GALAXY GeForce GTX 470 GC

    Custom-designed graphics cards often bring better thermals and overclocking prowess. GALAXY has taken up the challenge to manufacture the world’s first non-reference and factory overclocked NVIDIA Fermi card – the GALAXY GeForce GTX 470 GC. Head in to find out more about this unique-looking card. We have a sample in da house.

  • GALAXY Xtreme Tuner HD Beta to support GTX 470 & GTX 480

    Galaxy has developed an overclocking tool for the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 470 and GTX 480 graphics accelerators. We were given some shots of the beta software. Link inside for software download.

  • GALAXY Geforce GTX470/GTX480 Graphics Accelerators

    Galaxy is proud to launch the fermi-based graphics card named GALAXY Geforce GTX480. next-generation gaming has arrived. GeForce® GTX 470/GeForce® GTX 480 gives your games an adrenaline shot with the world’s fastest performance and futuristic, visually-stunning graphics.

  • Galaxy GTX260+ Razor Edition is the World’s First Single Slot GTX 260+

    Galaxy unveils the world’s first single slot GeForce GTX260+ graphics card – Galaxy GeForce GTX 260+ Razor Edition. It is using a in-house designed cooler that utilizes a technology called “Vapor Chamber”. At only 14mm thick, Galaxy GeForce GTX 260+ Razor Edition is the slimmest GeForce GTX 260+ in the world.  The card features a 576 MHz

  • 9500GT & 9600GT on a Diet

    We check out low-profile incarnations of the GeForce 9500GT and 9600GT from Albatron and Galaxy… how do they fare compared to their full-sized brethren?

  • GALAXY Previews “New” GTX 295 OC Performance

      GALAXY China today leaked the image and overclocking performance of the GTX295. It is based on the reference design of NVIDIA. The new single PCB GTX 295 can be overclocked to 675MHz core, 1455MHz shader and 2200MHz memory from the default 576/1242/2016MHz. The 3DMARK Vantage scored over 20K under Performance settings. The cooling performance and noise levels has

  • GALAXY Unveils Fan-Card Design For GTX200 Cards

    GALAXY unveils their Fan-Card design concept today specially for the GPU-Party GTX200 series graphics cards. Each fan-card is made up of 3 fans and takes up a PCI/PCIE slot. The card is separated from the cooler itself to avoid PCB bending. Check out more details next page.

  • GALAXY Adds Another Self-Designed GTS 250 Card

    GALAXY has once again released a new GTS250 into its line-up. This self-designed GTS250 adopts a 5 phase power supply with a GALAXY own-design new 3D style cooler which is touted to cool up to 5 degrees cooler. It also sports Dual BIOS, PWM fan etc, native HDMI output. The usage of high speed 0.8ns GDDR3

  • Galaxy Launched GTX 275 OC Edition with Digital PWM

    GALAXY has launched GeForce GTX275 OverClocked /w Digital PWM card that is clocked at 650MHz core, 1475MHz shader and 1200MHz memory. It has 240 stream processors same as GTX285 and 896MB of 0.8ns GDDR3 memory across a 448-bit wide memory bus. Find out why this card is different from the rest…

  • Galaxy Adds 9800GT To Low Power Series

    Recently, Galaxy released a nice Low Power, Low Profile 9600GT card and now they are continuing the green trend by rolling out a low power 9800GT card. There are 2 versions, 1GB and 512MB and best of all, they don’t need extra 6-pin power connector. Read on….

  • Galaxy Put 1792MB GDDR3 Memories On GTX260+ Card

    GALAXY has added a custom designed GeForce GTX260+ with 1792MB Memory to its -up today. The card uses Samsung K4J10324QD-HJ1A GDDR3 memory chip with a capacity of 128 MB each so 14 of such chips totaled up 1792MB on 448-bit memory interface. This card was based on a 55nm G200-103-B3 GPU with 216 shader processors  cooled by GALAXY

  • NVIDIA GeForce GTS 250

    The latest product of NVIDIA’s renaming spree is the GTS 250, previously known as the 9800GTX+. Is this just another ploy by NVIDIA to push old parts on unsuspecting consumers?

  • Galaxy Preparing a Self Designed GTX 285 2GB Card

    GALAXY is preparing its new custom design addition to the GTX285 series: GTX285 2GB. It features a core speed of 648MHz on its 0.8ns GDDR3 memory with a 512bit interface. The cooling system is equipped with Arctic Cooling with 5 heat pipes and 3 PWM fans at 2000 RPM. The card comes with a digital

  • Galaxy has a Low Profile, Low Power 9600GT for HTPC

    Something interesting for HTPC enthusiasts that we missed out. Galaxy has a special 9600GT Low Profile Low Power 9600GT card that consumes less than 60W and doesn’t requires external 6-pin power connector. It is based on the 9600 GT Green Edition GPU where we have been talking about lately. This card has 8-layer PCB which is 203.2mm

  • Galaxy Unveils Self Designed GTX 285 Card w/ Digital PWM

    Nvidia allows AIC partners to design their own GTX285 cards and Galaxy now has came up with their own version of GTX285 card. Galaxy GTX285 comes with a digital PWM design with 4+2 phase power whereas the reference design comes with 6 phase analog power. Also, the card has dual BIOS on board. The card is cooled by Arctic