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  • AMD entices Radeon buyers with Never Settle: Reloaded gaming bundle

    AMD is once again teaming up with publishers and delivering some of the hottest games with their technology. Never Settle: Reloaded is a bundle for the hardcore gamer.

  • Razer’s Edge brings full PC gaming to a tablet

    Razer has introduced the Edge gaming tablet at CES 2013, claiming that  the device is the "most powerful tablet in the world".

  • Wacom Intuos4 Wireless Tablet

    The Wacom Intuos4 was launched last year, and just recently, the Japanese maker has announced the wireless version of the popular pen tablet. Incorporating Bluetooth wireless technology, the Intuos4 Wireless also features convenient USB charging directly from your computer.

  • Wacom introduces 2nd generation Bamboo tablets in Singapore, include Multitouch

    Today, Wacom announced their new Bamboo tablets which claim to be the first to merge multi-touch with their pen tablet technology. The Wacom Bamboo, Bamboo Fun, Bamboo Pen and Bamboo Touch made up the 2nd generation Bamboo family.

  • Wacom Intuos 4 Review

    The Wacom Intuos 3 was greatly received by professional graphics artists when it was launched in 2006. And earlier this month, the Japanese manufacturer has launched their new Intuos 4 which boasts improved features and performance. We take a look and see how good the latest pen tablet is.

  • Wacom DTU-1931A

    Wacom has introduced their new 19-inch interactive pen display, DTU-1931A, designed for education, healthcare and business. With the DTU-1931A, you can create handwritten notes, sketches, drawings and even mind maps easily.