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  • LGA Processor Heat Spreader Removal

    In our endless attempts to squeeze out the last MHz from our processors, some of us have resorted to removing the integrated heat spreaders on our processors in a bid to improve thermal efficiency, to garner that 2-3 degrees, and trade it for that final 10MHz. The LGA socket processors use a solder thermal interface

  • ASUS P5W DH Deluxe Simple Pencil Mods

    The ASUS P5W DH Deluxe is definitely a motherboard targeted at the enthusiasts. It looks good, performs well and offers quite a fair bit of overclocking features. Like a free-lance artist roaming the streets, I took my drawing pencil, this time round to the P5W DH.

  • Intel 975XBX, A Pencil & a Better Overclock!

    The Intel 975XBX Board has risen in popularity in the past few months, not just among the mainstream users but also among the enthusiast and overclockers. As a motherboard targeted at the mainstream consumers however, it is quite limited in the voltage options offered in the BIOS, particularly the Memory Voltage. Shaky hands and the

  • Memory Voltage Pencil Mods: Foxconn C51XEM2AA & Gigabyte 965P DQ6

    DDR2 Memory chipsets have matured and overclockers are starting to see DDR2 Memory sticks respond and scale very well with increased voltages. What was more than enough in the past seems limiting now. With just a sharpened pencil, you can take matters into your own hands… Voltage Mod your AM2 Foxconn C51XEM2AA and Intel Conroe

  • ASUS M2N32 SLI Pencil Voltage Mods

    The ASUS M2N32 SLI AM2 Motherboard supports up to 1.6v CPU core voltage and 2.5v Memory voltage. For those who crave for more, here are some simple pencil voltage modifications you can do. Take Note that warranty is void when you modify the voltages!

  • Voltage Modification Guide For Sapphire X1600PRO 256MB

    Recently we obtained a piece of Sapphire’s X1600PRO for review, so we decided to experiment with it. We wanted to know if it had as much overclocking ability as the Inno3D 7600GS, since the RV530Pro used on the X1600PRO happens to be one of the first 90nm GPUs to appear on the mainstream market. Well

  • NVIDIA 7950GX2 Voltage Mod Guide

    The 7950GX2 are built for high definition gaming, so squeezing the extra clocks out of them will help smoothen that 2560×1600 gaming experience. VR-Zone shows you a few tips…

  • Voltage Modification For Inno3D 7600GS (P345 PCB)

    Based around the NVIDIA G73 GPU built on 90 nm process, the Inno3D 7600GS promised much headroom for overclocking. Most 7600GS hits a wall early at around 470MHz Core. This is largely a cap due to limited voltage so we tweaked the voltage up and saw a massive clock increase from 470MHz to 720MHz! That

  • XpertVision 7600GT Sonic Voltage Mods

    The XpertVision 7600GT Sonic we reviewed just a short while ago is one of the most unique 7600GT in ther market, not just because of it’s higher than reference clock speeds, but more so because it is one of the very few 7600GT not based on a reference PCB design. Since it uses a different

  • 7900GT: Unlocking the Beast Within

    The 7900GT launched just about a month ago seems to be eyed by a lot of enthusiasts holding a mid-range budget. For these group of gamers and 3D lovers, squeezing every bit of performance and image quality out of their hardware seems to be a growing trend. We unlocked the Beast within the card and

  • GIGABYTE GA-G1975X Voltage Mod Guide

    The GIGABYTE GA-G1975X displays good overclocking potential but is greatly limited by CPU core voltage issues. The CPU voltage drops a lot under load, and this greatly impacts the overclocking on this board. Fear not though, we have tried to perfect this board with a simple core voltage modification.

  • Experiments with phase change cooling on GPU Memory

    In pursuit of further overclocks on graphics card memory, one looks into several aspects, such as memory voltages. When it does not help much, we start looking at cooling. RAMsinks are usually used for this purpose, but I was looking for something more cooling… a lot more cooling. I could throw some Dryice on the

  • NVIDIA 7900GTX, 7900GT & 7600GT Voltage Mods

    On top of our in-depth reviews of the newly launched 7900 and 7600 series of GPUs, we have also looked into the voltage regulation on each of these cards and we bring to the overclocking community the first Voltage modifications guide in the world for these cards! For the 7600GT all you need is a

  • ASUS A8R32 MVP Voltage Mods

    We reviewed the recently launched ASUS A8R32 MVP based on the new RD580 chipset just recently. It is a great platform to overclock on, but for extreme overclocking conditions, some simple hardware modifications may help you break that personal-best record of yours…

  • NVIDIA 7800 GS AGP Voltage Mods

    We reviewed the relatively new NVIDIA 7800GS AGP a short while ago. It is definitely a very overclockable card by just bumping the speeds up using software means. However, seasoned users may want to unlock the overclocking potential of this card further with hard mods to enable more voltage and current for the card. Now,

  • Voltage Modification For Gigabyte 6600 DDR2

    A while back, we reviewed the Gigabyte 6600 DDR2 and found it to be a pretty interesting overclocker. We decided that the overclocking we did was a little too mild, so we are going to do some soldering work and blast things up the ORB.

  • ASUS A8R MVP Voltage Mod

    The ASUS A8R MVP is a great performing board with very high HTT overclocking capability. However, it is somewhat limited by its voltage options offered in its BIOS. For those who are looking for higher voltages on this board, we have the answer for you…

  • ASUS A8N32-SLI Deluxe Voltage Mod

    The ASUS A8N32-SLI Deluxe is one of the most painstakingly engineered board x16 SLI motherboard based on the AMD S939 socket. It tries to win in all areas from the looks to the overclockability and stability with its 8-phase power circuitry. Even though the board provides ample voltage adjustments from the BIOS, the die-hard overclockers

  • VR-Zone’s PCI Express Current Booster Mod

    The following modification is a current booster mod for the PCI Express slots on your motherboards to potentially increase the current that the PCI Express slot can supply for your display cards.

  • NVIDIA 6800 GS Voltage Mod Guide

    Want to give your 6800 GS a boost in frame rates but can’t seem to push the card any further? Our Forum member Jason shows you how to enhance voltages and drops you some amazing results with just good old air-cooling!