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  • Toshiba launching 5TB hard disks this February

    Keeping up with the competition, Toshiba unveils its upcoming large capacity hard drives, with samples coming as early as before the end of this month.

  • Western Digital looking to shake up SSD market with sTec acquisition

    sTec will be acquired by HGST, which was bought out by Western Digital just over a year ago. sTec’s agreement to merge with HGST is considered a wise decision since the company already sells the ULTRASTAR enterprise SSD line.  Currently there are no SSDs under the Western Digital brand name. sTec specializes with solid-state drives

  • Seagate launches ultra-thin 5mm HDD

    Seagate, world leader in storage solutions, announced the launch of its thinnest hard disk drives ever. Introducing the Seagate Laptop Ultrathin HDD, this 2.5-inch drive is stunningly slim at just 5mm and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg either. Originally demonstrated back in September,  Seagate’s latest and greatest HDD solutions for laptops is just