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  • New HighPoint RocketStor Dock Leverages Two USB 3.0 Connections

    HighPoint's newest 3.5-inch/2.5-inch SATA drive dock, the RocketStor 5122B, leverages the bandwidth of two independent USB 3.0 host interfaces. This unique feature can also be used to share the dock between two PCs.

  • HighPoint launches the RocketStor USB 3.0 dock with RAID, claims 10Gbps speeds

    We've already seen HighPoint's peculiar USB 3.0 RocketU cards with performance claims of 20Gbps and now the company has followed up with the RocketStor that might actually be able to take advantage of some of that claimed performance. The RocketStor is a simple USB 3.0 hard drive dock, but with a pair of USB 3.0

  • HighPoint launches RAID enabled USB 3.0 host controller, throws in some Mac support

    We've already written about HighPoint's peculiar RocketU 1144A USB 3.0 card and now the company has gone and made things even more confusing with the introduction of the RocketU 1144AR. The R on the end of the model name stands for RAID and no, we have no idea why you'd need a four port USB 3.0 controller

  • HighPoint launches PCI Express x4 USB 3.0 card

      If you're one of those people who's always on the lookout for something strange or peculiar to fit in your computer, then HighPoint might just have what you're after, well, at least as long as a rather unusual USB 3.0 card will satisfy your needs. The card in question is the RocketU 1144A and