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  • Intel’s NUC in the Home: Part of the Furniture

    In the first of a four part series, we explore why the Intel Next Unit of Computing is the ideal low power HTPC (Home Threatre PC) with its rich media creation and consumption capabilities, made possible by its mobile-oriented 3rd generation Intel Core processor and purpose built form factor.

  • AMD Pushes Steamroller and Excavator Forward, Bullish about Performance Increases

    Recently, there were a lot of rumors that AMD reorganized its roadmap and that some late 2012 and regular 2013 parts were cancelled. Before going any forward, we can now say that some of those rumors are true.

  • Endangering DirectX? New OpenGL Arrives for Desktop and Mobile Devices

    At the first day of Siggraph 2012, which is taking place at the Los Angeles Convention Center, Khronos group announced the new iterations of OpenGL API for conventional computers and consoles (OpenGL), as well as mobile devices (OpenGL ES).

  • A pre-CeBIT peek at upcoming SFF Uni-box from Giada

    Giada is planning to launch a new small form factor PC once CeBIT 2012 kicks off next week which it calls the Uni-box. The unit looks mildly Apple-inspired with a boxy aluminum chassis with internals that together are said to pull just 30W of power during 1080p video playback.

  • ZOTAC’s micro-ATX sized ZT-H67D3 exposed

    Chinese website Expreview has shared out images of a new micro-ATX motherboard from ZOTAC based on Intel's H67 chipset which could be quite the attraction for budget conscious HTPC / SFF builders.

  • Kinect for Media Center is now available

    Following the recent release of Kinect for Windows, forms of further expansion in the differing ways Kinect can be used in Windows are starting to show face with the first major add-in being Kinect for Media Center.

  • Acer updates Revo Nettop line with the RL70

    Acer has just quietly released its new Revo series RL70 Nettop PC powered by AMD's E-450 (Brazos) APU.The design is akin with previous Nettop models from the company, but has a few subtle design changes to help it blend in a bit better in the lounge.

  • Intel’s mini-ITX Cedar Trail Atom motherboards are here

    With CES going on we almost missed that Intel quietly added all of its new Cedar Trail powered mini-ITX motherboards to its website. The company has launched five new models targeting a wide range of different market segments and some of the boards are actually quite decent, considering we're talking Intel motherboards here.

  • Tranquil launches 4cm thin media center PC

    Intel's slim-ITX motherboard incentive appears to have spilled over into other markets than the all-in-ones that Intel targeted the standard for initially. Tranquil PC, a UK company that specializes in low-noise media centers and home media servers has taken advantage of the form factor in its new 4cm thin MMC-12 system.

  • HP releases new range of AIO PCs and updated Pavilion dm1 ultraportable laptop

    HP Singapore has announced their new range of All-in-one PCs which include the TouchSmart320 and TouchSmart520, Omni120 and Omni220, as well as the company's most powerful consumer PC, the HP Pavilion HPE Phoenix. On top of that, HP has also unveiled their updated Pavilion dm1 ultraportable laptop with stylish looks, good features and performance, and boasts a

  • Great Wall Launches U310 Keyboard PC in Taiwan

    Great Wall launched its Cross PC U310 Keyboard PC in Taiwan which features all the PC components being intergrated into a keyboard.

  • Exclusive Preview of ASUS ET2410 series All-in-one PC

    The ASUS ET2410 All-in-one PC was showcased at the Computex Show 2011 in Taipei last month, and today, the maker sent us the new PC which is scheduled to be launch in September. We at VR-Zone manage to get an exclusive preview of the ASUS ET2410 All-in-one PC.

  • Chill Innovation KB-1BT Bluetooth Micro Keyboard review

      Chill Innovation is a company founded back in 1996 and originating from Denmark, focusing mostly on high quality power supplies and silent cooling solutions. Today however we are not going to review either a power supply or a cooling solution; Chill Innovation’s latest product is a versatile bluetooth micro-keyboard for multimedia applications, the KB-1BT. 

  • Boxee Box remote comes to PC and Mac thanks to D-Link

    One of the hardest things to get for your HTPC is a good remote, but it seems like there's finally some good news, as D-Link has decided to release a PC and Mac version of the Boxee Box remote. It will of course work best with Boxee's software, but it's not tided exclusively to it.

  • ASRock reveals some of its Computex announcements

    So far ECS is the only motherboard manufacturer to officially reveal some of its upcoming products for Computex, while pretty much everything else has been leaks. However, now ASRock has launched its Computex portal and we're looking at a pretty interesting selection of new products being showcased.

  • ECS H61H2-M Review

    Z68 has been stealing all the limelight lately. But for those who want a piece of the Sandy Bridge action for cheap, there exists a lesser known chipset by the name of H61. We pair up the ECS H61H2-M with a Core-i3 2100 to find out if this is a viable budget alternative to H67/P67.

  • ASUS AT5IONT-I Review

    If for some reason you don't quite like AMD and its Fusion APU, how about this dual-core hyper-threaded Intel Atom solution with NVIDIA ION graphics onboard? We pit the ASUS AT5IONT-I against the E35M1-I DELUXE for some Mini-ITX action!

  • ECS HDC-I Review

    We take a look at the latest AMD Brazos motherboard from ECS. Featuring USB 3.0, WiFi and Bluetooth, how well does the ECS HDC-I compare with the other E-350 motherboards reviewed so far?

  • ASUS E35M1-M PRO Review

    In this review, we will be looking at another AMD 'Brazos' platform motherboard from ASUS, the E35M1-M PRO. This board is pretty much the same as the E35M1-I DELUXE which we reviewed not too long ago, less the WiFi feature and with an additional number of expansion slots. Does a larger form factor translate to

  • ASUS E35M1-I DELUXE Review

    Today we will be looking at an AMD Brazos solution from ASUS. The E35M1-I DELUXE is equipped with AMD's E-350 'Zacate' APU, which combines the processor, northbridge and graphics all into a single die. The Fusion platform offers better overall performance compared to an Atom-based system and having a TDP rating of just 18W; this could be