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Google targets Indian education PC sector with $200 Xolo and Nexian Chromebooks

The Chrome OS diversification and global spread efforts continue, although there’s really nothing special about these two new web-centric machines. Encouraged by market studies from several research specialists, which found Chromebooks even more popular than Apple iPads among students and teachers worldwide, Google keeps doling out inexpensive Windows “killers.” Unfortunately,

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OnePlus Two confirmed for ‘Q2 or Q3’ 2015 unveil, details remain sketchy

The fledgling China-based smartphone manufacturer isn’t looking to “settle”, even though the OnePlus One’s release was a fiasco in more than one way. A controversial, convoluted and restrictive invite reservation system. Questionable, risqué and outright misogynistic publicity stunts. Build quality issues. An innate inability to ramp up production on par

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