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  • Microsoft scores first place in malware blocking test with Internet Explorer 9

    Speak of Internet Explorer to most computer-savvy people and chances are you will be given icy glares and a profound lecture of how Microsoft always fails to make a good browser that is capable of safeguarding a user from nasty malware circulating the depths of cyberspace, right? Well, not anymore; apparently, a recent study conducted

  • Samsung releases prototype WebCL implementation for WebKit

    OpenCL may be a great API for giving applications access to the GPU for non-graphical computing in order to leverage its raw power for achieving greater performance levels, but the prominence of web-based apps means that there is a need to grant web developers the same low-level access in order to ensure that browser-based apps do

  • Internet Explorer 10 Platform Preview 2 now available for download

    Well, it seems that Microsoft sure is not about to take its time with its browser development schedule, especially if this latest piece of news is of any indication. In just less than 80 days, the Redmond giant has pushed out yet another Platform Preview for its upcoming Internet Explorer 10 web browser for developers

  • Microsoft rejects WebGL over security concerns

    Say what you want about Microsoft, but it is clear that the Redmond software giant is taking a very strong stance on security recently, especially after its experience in dealing with the security disasters that were Windows XP and Internet Explorer 6. In fact, so uncompromising is the company's stand that Microsift has decided to

  • Microsoft releases first Platform Preview for Internet Explorer 10

    If you would remember, Microsoft had only recently launched its latest version of its Internet Explorer web browser a month ago, and it was probably one of the few Internet Explorer releases to gain favourable reviews among the global media for various advancements in performance and support for web standards.And it seems that Microsoft is

  • Release of Internet Explorer 9 for Japan delayed due to earthquake

    If you make use of Microsoft's Internet Explorer as your primary web browser for the daily Internet surfing needs, chances are that you will have already made the jump to Internet Explorer 9 in order to take advantage of the various new features IE9 has to offer. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of IE

  • Microsoft officially launches Internet Explorer 9 in Singapore: it’s all about the need for speed

    Have you downloaded the finalized version of Microsoft's latest browser for use on your Windows-powered PC? Well, if your answer to that question happens to be a resounding 'no', perhaps Microsoft's latest demonstration might convince you to have a change of heart. The Redmond giant has organized a media event at the Singapore Flyer Megu

  • Microsoft launches Internet Explorer 9 RTM ahead of official release

    Well, it appears that Microsoft could barely contain its excitement on this one. Apparently, the Redmond software giant sees the final version of Internet Explorer 9 as being such a groundbreaking achievement that it had gone ahead with an official launch event for the browser. And this in spite of the fact that Internet Explorer

  • Microsoft wants your help to kill Internet Explorer 6

    Does anyone remember how big of a deal it was when Microsoft launched Internet Explorer 6 with Windows XP back then? Well, with the browser now in its tenth year of service, Microsoft is only too keen to keep people out of that ancient excuse of a web browser and push its newer, more polished

  • Internet Explorer sees modest gains in market share for February

    It seems like February may have been a very good month for Microsoft and its Internet Explorer team in particular. According to the latest statistics released by Netmarketshare, Microsoft's web browser gained more than 0.5% in market share, all at Firefox's expense. Does this mean that Microsoft has finally gotten things right with Internet Explorer? 

  • Microsoft plays nice with Google, restores H.264 support in Chrome

    It is probably an open secret that Microsoft and Google do not always see eye to eye on many aspects about the Internet. Unlike the free and open Internet ecosystem championed by Google, Microsoft typically favors 'tried-and-tested' standards that are readily available for users, regardless of their origins. And this philosophy extends to both companies'

  • Microsoft’s Internet Explorer Dips Below 50% In Global Market Share

    While Microsoft’s Windows may have a good portion of the world’s desktop and notebook PC users under its belt, the same cannot be said for its web browser business. In what must be the first time in almost a decade, the software giant’s global browser share has managed to dip below the 50% mark, while

  • Microsoft Reverses SP1 Requirement For Internet Explorer 9

    Barely a week ago, we posted an update about Internet Explorer 9 requiring the presence of Windows 7 Service Pack 1 before it can be installed into a PC. And now, it seems that Microsoft has reversed its stand: this time, there will be no need for SP1 to be pre-installed. Users, however, will still

  • Microsoft Demonstrates IE 9 In Beauty Of The Web Event

    Have you tried out Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 beta yet? For those of you who have, are you aware of what Microsoft’s latest browser is capable of? Microsoft has organized an event at its office at One Marina Boulevard this afternoon to demonstrate their new web browser’s features. VR-Zone brings you the coverage. Updated: more information and requirements for

  • Microsoft accidentally leaks screenshot of (supposedly) Internet Explorer 9

    Microsoft has had a somewhat embarrassing track record of accidentally leaking news of new products out before their scheduled release date, and it seems that history has just repeated itself again. This time, the leak is allegedly that of their upcoming Internet Explorer 9 and its redesigned UI. Guess this is going to take some

  • Microsoft addresses security vulnerability in Internet Explorer

    Microsoft has just issued an update to address the security vulnerability found in Internet Explorer 6 and 7 web browsers which allow hackers to do remote code execution. Read on for more info.

  • Internet Explorer 8 falls in 2 minutes

    Not too long ago, we posted an article about a hacker claiming that Internet Explorer was the more secure browser. And today, the ‘more secure’ browser falls in a hacking contest after all of 2 minutes. Read on for more information.