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  • 107 trillion Emails in 2010

    Swedish based Web monitoring site Pingdom reports that in 2010, a whopping 107 trillion emails were sent by users around the globe.

  • 10 Apps recommended for your BlackBerry

    With thousands of apps available on the BlackBerry App World, what are some good apps to download and use for your BlackBerry device? In this feature, we checked out some highly recommended ones, both free and paid, which we think you should get. And no, we aren’t talking about the common Facebook or Opera Mini apps which you may have

  • Logitech Revue (Google TV) jailbroken, not for the faint-hearted

      So, you got Logitech’s Google TV set-top box at home and has been tempting to jailbreak it. The time has finally come, get your soldering iron ready and find out more inside.

  • You can now view videos on Google Docs

    Google has introduced an additional feature to Google Docs which allow users to upload, view and store their videos to the productivity suite. Although you can upload any files since last year, you can’t watch videos stored then.

  • MySpace Sent 47 Percent Of Its Staff Home

    MySpace, the former Internet social networking leader, has recently announced massive layoffs in the company. It would cut nearly 500 employees or about 47 percent of its staff. More details inside.

  • Baidu launches Baidu Beat English blog for worldwide expansion

    Chinese search engine giant Baidu has recently announced their new blog called Baidu Beat. And interestingly, it isn’t in Chinese, but is in English. Baidu aims to appeal to worldwide audience with their English blog about the recent news, trends and other interests happening in China.

  • Apple Mac App Store officially opens

    The Apple Mac App store was reportedly to launch mid December last year, but the official opening was delayed until yesterday. Well, you can now log in to your iTunes account and search and purchase the apps you want, and install them immediately. News Update: Seems like hours after it has been officially launched, piracy hits the Mac App

  • NVIDIA unveils first online 3D Vision community at CES 2011

    NVIDIA has announced a new Web community, dedicated exclusively to 3D content, enabling users to enjoy breathtaking, stereoscopic 3D videos and photos while using a 3D-enabled PC or notebook.

  • Share your Kindle ebooks with friends, but you won’t be able to read on yours

    Amazon has introduced an ebook lending feature on the Kindle that lets you share your ebooks with your friend for two week. Bad news is, once you shared the ebooks, you will not be able to read those ebooks until they have been “returned”.

  • No Facebook for iPad? No Problem: There’s Facepad

    Everybody wants to own an iPad, and most people today have reached a point where it is almost not possible to think about going for a whole 24 hours without the vital online social networking service known as Facebook. And yet, for all the iPad’s appeal, an official Facebook app has yet to hit the

  • Emails went missing in Windows Live Hotmail

    2011 has just descended upon us and already it looks to have caused the iPhone’s alarm to not work properly. And it looks like the “Y2K11″ bug may also be the culprit that caused some emails in Windows Live Hotmail missing.

  • HTC files trademark for HTC Scribe, hints at tablet device

    Despite other manufacturers who have launched their tablet devices, HTC has none yet to compete in this space. But that could change next year as the Taiwanese company has filed a trademark to the names “Scribe” and “HTC Scribe” which hint at the possibility of the tablet device.

  • Android Market secretly reaches 200,000 apps

    While Android has been playing catch up to Apple’s App store, it looks like the Google camp has just secretly welcomed their milestone 200,000 apps; Apple’s App store is reported to offer 300,000 apps and growing.

  • Transforms your TV into Smart TV with this LG set-top box

    With this LG Smart TV Upgrader (ST600) set-top box, you can easily transform your normal regular TV into a “Smart” TV. Through an Internet connection, the ST600 allows you to access premium content from global providers, as well as LG Apps that are designed for TVs.

  • An Ubuntu tablet set to launch early next year

    This year we see a lot of manufacturers coming out with their Android-based tablets, to compete with the Apple iPad tablet device. And with the HP PalmPad that runs WebOS and even tablets on Windows and perhaps Chrome OS operating systems, is there room for tablet running another platform? Well, seems like one company is

  • Skype iPhone video chat to unveil at CES 2011

    The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) will start next week, and despite recent downtime for Skype due to overloaded servers, the Voice over IP company will be unveiling their new iPhone video chat at CES 2011.

  • Mozilla released Firefox 4 Beta just before Christmas

    Mozilla has released the Firefox 4 Beta just few days before Christmas. The new browser claims to offer easier device setup for Firefox Sync as well as expanded support for 3D graphics in the browser. Have you downloaded the new Beta yet?

  • Just in: Google Chrome Cr-48 Laptop Found For Sale on eBay

    Now that didn’t take long, didn’t it? It has been only about a couple of weeks since Google made headlines with their Cr-48 notebook, which ran off a beta version of its web-based Chrome OS. And today, it appears that those who were lucky enough to get their hands on a Cr-48 have a found

  • Skype is down, blames offline supernodes

    If you are trying to use Skype right now, you may find that it isn’t working properly. Well, the company has updated on their blog and state that the problem is due to a problems affect some “supernodes” and putting them offline. Rest assured that Skype is doing something about this, though it will take couple

  • Yamaha Infosound TV Will Blast High-Frequency Sound Waves In The Name Of Data Transfer

    To date, radio waves are the only way of reliably transmitting data to and from devices, but it seems that the day where that duty may be taken over by sound waves is not too far off the near future. And we have Yamaha to thank for that: apparently, the Japanese company has been successful