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  • Google Buys Over BumpTop

    Looks like Google is on an acquisition spree. It recently bought over Labpixies the week before and now, the search engine giant has just acquired BumpTop, a company that develops 3D interface for Mac and Windows machines.

  • Skyfire browser may be accepted on Apple App Store, supports Flash

    Skyfire has launched their new version for Android phones and supports Flash, meaning users can view the flash animation and videos on websites. According to some news sources, the company is also making a version for iPhones and submit it to the Apple App Store later this year.

  • Sony Introduces New Blu-ray Disc Players – BDP-S470 and BDP-S370

    Sony Electronics Asia Pacific has announced their latest Blu-ray disc players for home users who want Full High Definition and 3D movie watching experience. The BDP-S470 and BDP-S370 feature Internet connectivity and allow users to access content found on BRAVIA Internet Video platform.

  • Twitter Acquires Mobile Startup, Cloudhopper

    According to Twitter’s blog, the social networking company has recently bought over new mobile startup, Cloudhopper, which specializes in mobile messaging. This move means that Twitter can connect to other mobile carrier networks in other parts of the world.

  • Hitler Parodies Removed From YouTube

    If you are searching on YouTube for those parodies (with edited subtitles) from the popular 2004 German movie “Downfall” - which highlights Hitler’s last days; you will find they are no longer available. Constantin Films, who owned the rights to the film have requested Google to remove the videos.

  • Microsoft and Facebook launches

    Microsoft and Facebook have announced Docs for Facebook, an application that allows users to use Word, Excel and Powerpoint online. Currently, the Docs is in beta and you will need to go to to sign up.

  • New Virus Publishes Victim’s Browsing History And Extorts Cash

    News from online web sources have reported a new virus has been going around, targeting users of file-sharing service, Winni, and posting users’ web browsing history in public. But that’s not all. The virus will prompt its victim to pay up or face “violation laws” in his or her country.

  • Toshiba To Introduce Tablets Later This Year

    Seems like Toshiba will be the next maker to launch their Tablets later this year. Like the iPad, the Toshiba slate devices are designed for for online video, music, e-books, and other content.

  • Microsoft addresses security vulnerability in Internet Explorer

    Microsoft has just issued an update to address the security vulnerability found in Internet Explorer 6 and 7 web browsers which allow hackers to do remote code execution. Read on for more info.

  • 90 Preorders for JooJoo Tablets, 15 Cancelled

    Ever since Fusion Garage announced the launch of the Joo Joo tablets and taking preorders in December last year (and taking 8 to 11 weeks before you receive it), there were no news how well it did. Well, this morning, according to Gizmodo, the company has received 90 preorders for the Joo Joo tablets (priced at US$500 each),

  • Beware Email Lottery Scam using Microsoft’s name

    Microsoft has recently issued a statement that many customers in Singapore have received emails that claimed they have won Microsoft lottery. That is not a legitimate mail and Microsoft advises not to open the mail or reply with your personal information. Read more for the detailed advisory.  

  • Google collaborates with Intel and Sony on TV Project

    According to online sources, Google is working with Intel and Sony on the development of Internet TVs and set-top boxes. Known as Google TV, it will be based on Android (the smartphone OS).

  • Apple iPad Wi-Fi Model Goes On Sale April 3

    According to Apple, the iPad will go on sale on 3 April in US, and will take preorders from 12 March (this Friday). But that is the Wi-Fi model; the 3G model is scheduled to be available end of April. No news as to when the iPad will reach Singapore though.

  • Opera Mini 5 beta for Windows Mobile 5 and 6

    Opera Mini goes native on Windows Mobile phones. Opera Software today launched a native version of Opera Mini 5 beta for Windows Mobile 5- and 6-based handsets. By integrating Opera Mini with the Windows Mobile platform, Opera is able to deliver an optimized version of the popular Opera Mini browser that dramatically improves performance and

  • Just released: Opera 10.50, the World’s fastest browser for Windows

    With yet another web browser rising up to claim the esteemed title of ‘the world’s faster browser’, what features does the new Opera 10.50 have over its predecessor? VR-Zone takes a quick look. For more information, read on.

  • Windows 7 is (slightly) more difficult to hack than OS X.

    That was pretty much what two-time Pwn2Own winner Charlie Miller had to say in an interview with OneITSecurity. What does this mean for computer security, and is there anything that the average user can do to keep himself or herself safe when online? Read on to find out more…

  • Google Acquires Picnik Online Image Editing Website

    In 2004, Picasa was bought over by Google. And now, its Picnik, an online image editing site. Looks like the search engine giant is really looking into providing the various services on the cloud. Will we see Picasa integration with Picnik? Its possible though Google aren’t saying anything yet.

  • Internet Security Shootout

    Choosing an antivirus for your computer system is kinda like choosing an Insurer. How do you go about making the selection? Check out the contenders – ESET Smart Security 4, Symantec Norton Internet Security 2010 and Kaspersky Internet Security 2010 as I uncover their strong points and weak points. I won’t be testing scanning (Antivirus)

  • The Buzz is on Google

    It seems Google is looking to compete with Facebook in the social networking space with their newly announced Google Buzz. The Google Buzz claims to be the new way for users to share their photos, videos, updates etc, and is built on their existing Gmail accounts.

  • Apple Launches iPad touchscreen tablet

    Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs took stage this morning and unveiled the new touchscreen multimedia tablet. No, its not the iSlate or iTablet, but its dubbed the iPad. The 9.7-inch tablet lets you surf the web, do emails, play photos, videos and music, games and even read e-books. From US$499, the iPad is simply a larger version of their iPhone