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  • Don’t get mad: ‘Get Even’

    We sit down with The Farm 51's own Wojciech Pazdur and discuss the team's spectacular new next-gen shooter, Get Even.

  • HSA’s next big moves

    VR-Zone sits down with MediaTek executives to talk about the state of HSA and upcoming developments.

  • Why can’t Intel and MIPS challenge the ARMpire?

    VR-Zone chats with ARM’s VP of Segment Marketing about the state of competition in the mobile ecosystem at a recent launch event in Taipei.

  • MediaTek’s plan to take over the (mobile) world

    VR-Zone caught up with executives from Taiwan’s fast-growing chip designer at CES to talk about how it plans to beat Qualcomm and Intel in the SoC game.

  • Chat with Huawei mobile device gurus on their plans and future

    Shenzhen-based Huawei has grown from a Cisco competitor to a global giant engaging in everything telecoms and IT alike, with mobile devices being one of their major focuses. Here we talk to their top phone and tablet guys, Frederic Fleurance and David Wei, on the directions forward.

  • Xeon E5 (Romley-EP) Launch: Interview with Intel APAC team

    Finally, the wait seems to have been worthwhile – Intel is today launching its new generation Socket 2011 dual CPU Xeon E5-2600 platform based on the Sandy Bridge architecture. Here we talk to Intel's regional honchos about some of the opportunities and challenges Intel faces.

  • A Visit to EVGA Labs – X79 Classified 3DMark WR Setup and SR-X Preview

    Last week, we visited EVGA's headquarters in chilly Taipei to check out the latest and greatest creations from Vince "k|ngp|n" Lucido and crew. It turned out to be a fruitful affair as new 3DMark 11 world records were being made on their new Classified range of X79 motherboard and GTX580 Graphics Card. We also snagged a

  • Powered by USB to a green future

    Today we're kicking off something new here at VR-Zone with the introduction of the first feature written by a guest writer. If this proves to be popular we'll be doing more of these kinds of stories about various topics written by industry insiders from a wide range of technology companies. So please click on through

  • A*Star’s ACRC: Singapore aims for Supercomputing Heights

    In the Asia-Pacific region, Singapore may be smaller in scale compared to the resources of China, Japan or Korea when it comes to the scientific, research and engineering base, but it has had accumulated expertise and user base to justify having large computer systems, even up to the supercomputer grade, for a long time. A*CRC

  • Interview with James Kok, marketing team leader for AVIRA

    Do you make use of antivirus and anti-malware solution for security on your PC? VR-Zone had a recent interview with James Kok, team leader of marketing for Avira, and Aaron Neo, product manager of Aurica, the official distributor for Avira's security solutions in Singapore, to find out how how the company can provide users with ample protection from

  • ECS HQ Tour and Interview

    VR-Zone was invited to a tour of ECS' headquarters in Taipei and an interview with ECS vice-president David Chien. Read on for pictures and an interesting Q&A session!

  • Report: ASUS Power User Gathering, 21 May

    ASUS held a Power User Gathering for enthusiasts last Saturday, 21 May. Motherboard specialist Jack Cheng flew all the way from Taiwan to provide first-hand answers to enthusiasts' queries. Three lucky participants even got to walk away with a ASUS P8Z68-V PRO motherboard each! Pictures after the jump.

  • Insights from the Inside: Interview with Antec’s Senior Vice President

    Want to know more about Antec’s new High Current Gamer and High Current Pro power supplies? What’s so special about the LANBOY Air casing? Does Antec have any plans for watercooling fans? Anymore cool stuff this year? Hear them all from Scott Richards, Antec’s Senior Vice President.

  • Micron YouTube Tech Talk: The RealSSD P300

    We’ve seen news on Micron’s latest SSD, so don’t forget to see what Micron’s Vice President of memory system development, Dean Klein has to say about it!

  • Computing in the F1 with Lenovo

    Lenovo powered Nico Rosberg’s Formula One car to a second place finish at the debut of the first night race at the Singapore Grand Prix.

  • Computex 07: Day 1 – Babes Part 2

    We know that everyone is waiting for the hardware, but we just had to show you the babes first. =o

  • Interview w/ Inno3D i-Chill Team

    We have a good chance to chat with Caroline Kwok, the Marketing Manager for Innovision and the lady who thought out the i-Chill name. Check out what’s in for Inno3D this year. *Updated with i-Chill graphics cards specs*

  • Interview with Gigabyte United

    VR-Zone has a nice opportunity to talk to Rockson Chiang, the Technical Marketing Manager of newly formed Gigabyte United Inc. to learn about their direction for this year and the upcoming motherboards we can expect to see from them. Interesting information revealed inside.

  • Interview with Benson Lin, ASUS APAC Business President

    During a recent ASUS HQ opening here in Singapore, VR-Zone has the opportunity to talk to Benson Lin, the President of APAC Business to learn about the directions and plans of ASUS here in APAC as well as some upcoming interesting product lines we can look out for.

  • ATI Interviews Part One – Andrew Dodd

    Today we have a brief talk with Andrew Dodd, a product manager for ATI’s software group. In this brief interview we talk about the future of the Catalyst driver suite and recent events in the graphics card industry.