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Atlas raises the bar with new Bose systems and Flagship Store

[caption id="attachment_118255" align="alignleft" width="4032"] The new Atlas Showroom.[/caption] While most retailers struggle to make ends meet, homegrown company Atlas Sound & Vision bucks the trend, by unveiling a fresh suite of Bose Home Audio systems and a gorgeous new showroom. So we swung by their swanky new Flagship Store at Millenia Walk and met up

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Moto Z Review

The Moto Z is the thinnest smartphone that I’ve ever reviewed. This 5.2mm modular smartphone is the latest flagship from Lenovo’s Moto line of smartphones. The razor-thin device is one of the most fun devices in the market, that packs on a sharpshooter, a powerful core and an armada of

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The Future of Transport

Cars used to be the traditional means of transportation. Driving cars, seemed to be the norm. However, the last couple of years has shown us that although cars aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, it’s going to be joined by electric vehicles, automated cars, advanced subway systems and pooling services. If

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