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  • LaCie Releases RuggedKey USB 3.0 Flash Drive

    LaCie introduced the RuggedKey, a USB 3.0 "designed for life's adventures," as it puts it. The drive is characterized with its metal main body, which slides into a rubberized cylindrical cap, which protects it from 100 meter drops, and boasts of IP-54 certification to back its claims.

  • Intel Thunderbolt Briefing at Computex – New motherboards and devices!

    There were a plethora of interesting devices on show during the Intel Thunderbolt media event just now, which was held at the Taipei's premier shopping mall Bellavita. We spotted some never seen before and upcoming ASRock/Gigabyte motherboards with new Cactus Ridge 4C controller, MSI's external PCIe graphics that was shown during CES and debuting products from the

  • Seagate offers US$186 million for LaCie, wants more Mac users

    If the current trend in hard drive storage continues we'll soon be left with only three players in the market, as Seagate has decided that it wants to snap up LaCie. The deal is somewhat complex, as the CEO of LaCie owns 64.5 percent of the shares in the company, with the rest being held

  • Thunderbolt comes to the Windows PC – ASUS P8Z77-V Premium and MSI Z77A-GD80 Review

    We evaluate two new flagship Z77 motherboards targeting different price points - ASUS's P8Z77-V Premium billed as a feature packed, four-way GPU capable workhorse while MSI opted for a more understated approach with their Z77A-GD80. Both of them feature a debuting Intel 'Cactus Ridge' Thunderbolt controller, which we will cover quite extensively in this piece.

  • LaCie announced the eSATA Hub Thunderbolt series

    Ah yes, Thunderbolt, that revolutionizing new standard that next to no-one's using due to the high costs. Well, ok, that's not entirely true, but it has yet to take off, although LaCie is doing its best when it comes to getting products out there and its new eSATA Hub Thunderbolt series might win a few

  • LaCie launches the LaPlug, lets you access USB drives over the net

    If product design is more important to you than what you get for your money, then LaCie is most likely a familiar brand to you. However, the company does managed to come up with some quirky bits of hardware from time to time and its latest addition, the LaPlug is just one of those things