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  • The best Windows laptop is apparently a Mac

    According to a report by PC management service Soluto, the best performing Windows laptop in a recent test was a MacBook Pro, created by Microsoft's arch-rival Apple.

  • SOLD OUT: MS Surface Pro, purposely understocked?

    While it looks as if the Microsoft Surface Pro is flying off the shelves, the real culprit may be that there were never many in the first place.  Some reports are suggesting that Microsoft purposely made sure their new product was under stocked at retailers.

  • Thanko’s Face-up Bed Desk allows full laptop use even while lying down

    Thanko has unveiled their new face-up bed desk, a convenient support tool that allows you to keep using the laptop efficiently even while lying down.

  • Can a Smartphone Replace a Laptop? Meet the Spider Laptop for Samsung Galaxy SIII

    While mobile devices such as the tablets and smartphones are gaining in numbers, they still lack the ease of use when it comes to content production. Korea Telecom has an idea how to bridge that gap – meet the Spider Laptop.

  • Fujitsu and Lenovo announces DisplayLink based USB 3.0 port replicators

    If you've been going around wanting for a USB 3.0 based port replicator for your notebook, then we have good news, as both Fujitsu and Lenovo has announced a product each based on DisplayLink's USB 3.0 chipset. The two products differ slightly, but both use the DL-3900 chipset with offers dual display connectivity.

  • Belkin unveils new brand identity and People-Inspired Products for 2012 in Singapore

    At yesterday's event in Singapore, Belkin unveiled their new brand identity and new products for this year. The new products include the ScreenCast AV4 which lets you connect your home theatre equipment to your HDTV wirelessly, N900 Advanced dual-band N+ router, LiveAction Mic for the iPhone and other accessories.

  • iLuv launches new multi-functional, premium Mac adapters and cables

    iLuv, a company that manufactures a comprehensive line of accessories for Apple devices, has launched their new mutli-functional, premium Mac adapters and cables. The award-winning plug-and-play Mac adapters and cables claim to incorporate Thunderbolt Technology that supports high-resolution displays and high-performance data devices through a single, compact port.

  • Belkin comes clean on its Thunderbolt Express Dock

    What everyone expected to be Belkin's Thunderbolt dock appeared IDF a couple of months back and it was a rather stylish if somewhat impractical design. Now the company has unveiled the final product design and well, it's a grey slab of what looks like rendered metal in the pictures, but could just as well be

  • HP unveils new consumer PCs, including Omni27, the company’s first 27-inch all-in-one PC

    Just few days into 2012, HP has recently announced their new line of consumer PCs and a notebook docking monitor that offer stylish design and superb performance. Among the products is the HP Omni27, which is the company's first 27-inch all-in-one PC.

  • ECS Wi-Bridge does what Intel’s WiDi does on the cheap

    Intel has been pushing its WiDi/Wireless Display video streaming over Wi-Fi technology for a while now, but the technology has to caveats, as not only does your notebook need to have one of a somewhat limited range of Intel Wi-Fi cards, but you also need to have a fairly costly receiver. ECS seems to have

  • Targus first with DisplayLink USB 3.0 based notebook dock

    If you're looking to add some more connectivity options to your USB 3.0 equipped notebook, then Targus might have what you've been looking for in the same of its USB 3.0 dual video docking station. The key feature here is that it sports DisplayLink's new USB 3.0 touting chipset which enables support for much higher

  • Intel planning wireless dock for Ultrabooks using WiGig

    It looks like Intel is having big plans for Ultrabooks, at least as far as docking stations are concerned as beyond the wired Thunderbolt docking stations we've already reported about, it appears that Intel is also working on a wire-free option. The peculiar thing here though is that Intel is planning on using WiGig technology

  • Lenovo introduces Android-Windows hybrid to battle battery life issues

    The disappointing battery life of the ThinkPad X1 calls for a solution, and Android is Lenovo's response. By segmenting the function of a notebook with two platforms, the company hopes to improve battery life with Android-based "Instant Media Mode" when less power is needed. 

  • Samsung to bring in Windows 8 tablet and notebook next year

    Samsung will be releasing new Windows 8 mobile computers which target working professionals next year. The products will spearhead the change of various devices that rely on Windows as their platform instead of Android.  

  • Hard drive supplies to run dry while Thailand stays wet

    The flood in Thailand caught manufacturers off guard, but damages and losses are more than initially analysed. The outlook of the hard disk supplies are grimly forecasted to run out at the end of the year, leading to backlash in the first quarter of 2012.

  • mLogic launches its first Apple accessories, fails to beta test at least one

      It's always interesting to see what new companies have to offer and mLogic is a new Apple accessory maker that has come up with a few novel ideas. The company announced its first three products today, the mDock, the mBack and the mLink, all offering some compelling features, but we'd suggest mLogic spend a

  • Nubox issues “The Ultimate Mac Challenge” to Apple fans

    What processors do Apple's Mac computers run on? Which specific gesture activates a certain feature in OS X? If you know the answers to such questions, perhaps the time has come for you to walk the talk and show off your in-depth knowledge about Apple's line of consumer electronics devices in exchange for prizes. This

  • Acer announces new Aspire 5755 multimedia notebook in UK

    Do you enjoy playing with multimedia notebooks? Well, if your answer to that question is a resounding "yes", Acer has got just the device for you, and it comes in the form of a new notebook known as the Aspire 5755, which boasts some decent hardware and specifications to boot. Oh, and it comes equipped

  • Mini DisplayPort to HDMI cables said to breach HDMI spec

    Here's one of these stories that makes you wonder how silly things can get. The organization behind the HDMI specification, has gone out and said that mini DisplayPort to HDMI cables are breaching the HDMI spec and as such they're not to be sold.

  • Logitech launches cooling pad N200, claims to keep laptop cool on any surface

    Is your laptop running hot? Well, you can cool it down with this new Cooling Pad N200 from Logitech. The N200 claims to provide maximum airflow with minimum noise wherever you go and is available in stores now.