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  • Computex 2014: Hands-on with Lian Li’s DK-01X and DK-02X desk chassis

    Lian Li brings a lot of new enclosures to its booth at Computex.

  • Lian Li launches the PC-V358 chassis for hardware-modding enthusiasts

    The PC-V358 case is targeted at enthusiasts, and will be available by the end of December for $179.

  • Lian Li Outs PC-B12 Silent Case

    Lian Li announced the newest in its line of silent PC cases, the PC-B12. The all-aluminum ATX case is armed with acoustic damping foam on most of its panels, and features a downwards-facing exhaust baffle to dampen noise from the rear fan.

  • Lian Li Outs PC-V750 E-ATX Chassis

    Lian Li released its newest aluminum PC chassis, the PC-V750. It is designed for E-ATX motherboards, although with as many as 10 expansion slot bays, it could become a chassis owners of EVGA SR-X platform seriously consider getting, after having fun to their hearts' content, with it on a test-bench. 

  • Lian Li PC-V600F Case Review

    Lian Li have long been held in high regard in the field of PC case manufacturing. The PC-V600F mATX chassis we have for review is the latest incarnation of their popular PC-V600 series, although it bears little resemblance to the original. This lovely looking little case promises a nice blend of features and a compact

  • [Finalised] Computex 2011 Round-up: Casing, PSU, Cooler

    Computex 2011 Round-up for both day 1 and 2. SILVERSTONE's TJ12, NZXT Pink Case, Noctua's Prototype Cooler and the PCCOOLER's W120 are some of the interesting things we get to see. The various casings, PSUs and coolers are sorted according to the different manufacturers for your convenience. 

  • Lian Li releases new casing Cowry PC-U6

    Very often, we see computer cases in the shape of the dull looking cuboid, but Lian Li's latest Cowry PC-U6 casing is set to dispel the conventional looks. Read on.

  • Lancool Introduces Three New Enclosures

    PC-K57 Lancool, subsidiary of renowned chassis manufacturer Lian Li, has launched the PC-K57, PC-K59, and PC-K63 – three steel mid-tower cases aimed at budget-conscious gamers.

  • Lian-Li announces PC-Q09 and PC-Q09F Mini-ITX chassis

    Lian Li has announced two new cases from its Mini-Q lineup – PC-Q09 and PC-Q09F. These two models are designed for convenience and style, and for those who have space constraints. There are four colors to choose from, and both cases can be mounted on the back of your monitor to turn your machine into an all-in-one

  • Lian Li announces PC-Q11 Mini-ITX chassis

    Lian Li has announced the PC-Q11 chassis, under its Mini-Q series. Compact and light, the PC-Q11 is designed for users who require space and convenience. It is available in four different colors – black, silver, red and piano white.

  • Lian Li Announces PC-C50 HTPC Chassis

    Lian Li has launched the PC-C50 chassis, targeting HTPC enthusiasts.

  • Lian Li Unveils Mini Q PC-V354 PC Case

    Lian Li has launched the Mini Q Series PC-V354 mini tower case, targeting users on the lookout for PC cases with small footprints.

  • Lian-Li EX-10Q SuperSpeed USB 3.0 External Drive Enclosure

    Lian Li Industrial Co. Ltd. today launches a USB 3.0 2.5″ External Hard Disk Drive (HDD) Enclosure. The conveniently thin, all-aluminum EX-10Q connects its users’ external HDD to computers with a super-fast USB 3.0 cable that reaches speeds up to 5Gbps. Specifications and Press Release inside.

  • Lian Li Boasts More USB 3.0 Cases Than Other Case Manufacturers

    Lian Li Industrial Co. Ltd., well-known aluminum chassis and chassis peripheral manufacturer, has issued a press release proclaiming it is the world leader in adopting the new SuperSpeed USB 3.0 standards.

  • COMPUTEX 2010: Casings, Power Supply Units and Cooling Roundup!

    COMPUTEX TAIPEI brings together a disproportionate number of casings, power supplies and cooling products. SilverStone TJ11? Beefy 105A single +12V rail? Dual layer HDT heatsinks from XIGMATEK?  See them all in this show report!

  • Lian Li Announces PC-8FI Mid-Tower PC Case

    Lian Li has launched its PC-8FI mid-tower PC case, targeting hardcore enthusiasts and gamers. More next page…

  • Lian Li Releases PC-B25S Mid-Tower Chassis

    Lian Li has announced the PC-B25S Mid-Tower Chassis, targeting enthusiasts who desire silent chassis. More…

  • Lian Li Preps TYR PC-X2000F Full Tower Case for Release

    Lian Li Industrial Co. Ltd, well-known for their quality aluminum PC cases for enthusiasts, is preparing the TYR PC-X2000F full tower case for release. More next page…

  • Lian Li Announces PC-V352 Desktop / HTPC Case

    Lian Li has unveiled the PC-V352 Desktop/HTPC case, targeting users on the lookout for PC chassis with small footprints.

  • Lian Li PC-X900 Mid-Tower Gaming Chassis

    Lian Li today announces its brand-new TYR series – the PC-X900 mid-tower chassis with the hair-line brushed anodized aluminum finishing. Dimensioned at 230 x 598 x 388mm (W.H.D.), net weight at 8.22kg, it includes three 5.25″ optical drives, seven 3.5” hard drives separated in two cages, all with the patented tool-less design. Supporting ATX/M-ATX motherboards, the