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  • Logitech unveils the G502 Proteus Core

    The G502 Proteus Core is a customizable gaming mouse that features 11 programmable buttons and the ability to fine tune the sensor to a mouse surface in addition to a 12,000 DPI sensor.

  • Logitech iPhone iOS 7 game controller unveiled

    Logitech has announced a new game controller which is compatible with iOS 7 powered iPhone and iPod touch.

  • Logitech may launch PSP-like gamepad for iPhone 5

    Sony PSP gamers that own an iPhone 5 will be pleased to know that Logitech may launch a PSP-like gamepad add-on for the iPhone once iOS 7 goes live later this year.

  • Logitech introduces “UE Boom”, new Bluetooth speaker for $199

    Logitech is now selling a new Bluetooth speaker called UE Boom. It offers much improved battery life, water and stain resistance, and many other features. The price is $199 and it's available now in the U.S. and Europe.

  • Logitech unveils new gaming mouse, keyboard and headset lineup

    Logitech has unveiled its latest peripherals for PC gaming, including six redesigned mice, two keyboards, and two headsets.

  • Logitech Intros G600 MMO Mouse

    Peripherals giant Logitech rolled out its latest G-Series gaming mouse, this time targeting the MMORPG market. The G600 MMO gaming mouse packs a staggering 20 buttons, and is designed for games in which quick access to as many macro buttons as possible, is key.

  • Logitec’s new Bluetooth 4.0 accessory helps you find missing keys (or iPhone 4S)

    If you're an iPhone 4S (or a new iPad) owner and often find yourself spending time searching for misplaced keys or other such items, Logitec's new Bluetooth 4.0 accessory – the LBT-MPVRU01 "Burutag" (which translates to "vibrating tag") may just be the solution you've been looking for.

  • Logitech Touch Mouse M600 arrives in Singapore

    The Logitech Touch Mouse M600 was unveiled in February, in the US, which features a touch surface that lets you navigate intuitively  with your fingers. But the Touch Mouse only made it to our shores recently.

  • Logitech launches the Touch Mouse M600

    A little bit late to the game, Logitech has launched its first touch mouse, simply called the Touch Mouse M600. Logitech has gone for a design that ends up somewhere between Apple's Magic Mouse and Microsoft's Touch Mouse, although it seems to suffer from the same low profile as the Magic Mouse.

  • Logitech introduces Mini Boombox mobile speaker and speakerphone

    This new Logitech Mini Boombox will bring you an immersive audio experience wherever you go. The mobile speaker and speakerphone boasts up to ten hours of enjoyment and can connect easily to your phone, tablet and other Bluetooth-capable devices.

  • Logitech pocket-size wireless mini mouse M187 to be available in Singapore end January

    Logitech has announced their new M187 wireless mini mouse. The pocket-size mouse features reliable wireless connectivity, and fits easily in your purse, handbag or pocket. The Logitech M187 will be available by end of this month at authorized retailers.

  • Logitech introduces Webcam C170 and Webcam C110 for easy video calls

    Logitech has announced the Webcam C170 and C110 that are easy to install and use, and feature one-touch upload to social networking and sharing sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Both incorporate Logitech Fluid Crystal technology that provides smooth video, sharp pictures with rich colours and clear audio.

  • Logitech unveils G105 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 official gaming keyboard

    Logitech has introduced the G105 which claims to be the official gaming keyboard for the upcoming Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 first person shooter. It features military-style, night-vision blue LED backlighting, six programmable G-keys with three mode states; with each providing up to 18 possible macro combinations per game.

  • Logitech Gaming Mouse G300 lands in Singapore

    The G300 is the latest in Logitech's line of G-series gaming products, and this gaming mouse is targeted at PC gamers who want an edge over their competitors. It suits ambidextrous users, and features nine programmable controls, which let you access keyboard commands to buttons that are in easy reach.

  • Logitech announces Ultimate Ears 350 and 350vi in Singapore

    With the new Logitech Ultimate Ears 350 and 350vi, you can enjoy noise-free, superior quality audio of your favorite songs. The Ultimate Ears 350vi is slightly different from the Ultimate Ears 350 as it comes with a remote control and built-in microphone. Both earphones are available now.

  • Logitech announces new lineup of wireless headsets in Singapore

    Logitech has unveiled their new wireless headsets – H800, H600, and wireless headset for Apple iPad users in Singapore. The new range of wireless headsets are designed to offer comfort, flexibility and enhanced experience. With batteries that can last up to six hours, the headsets feature laser-tuned equalizers and tiny nano receivers for users are enabled to enjoy

  • Logitech G9x Gaming Mouse Review: With interchangeable grips and weight-tuning options

    Logitech, one of world's largest manufacturers of computer peripherals from mice to multimedia speakers, is known for their line of "G-series" gaming peripherals. What we have today is the not-so-new Logitech G9x which features interchangeable grips, weight-tuning options and more. Let's go into the details.

  • Logitech introduces Bedside Dock for iPad and New Tablet Speaker

    Logitech Singapore has introduced their new Apple accessories which include the Bedside Dock for iPad and Tablet speaker. The Bedside Dock comes with a speaker that produces full stereo sound and includes a bass enhancer, and lets you wake up to your own music or FM radio, The Logitech Tablet Speaker is easy to set up, boasts

  • Logitech announces availability of Harmony 200 universal remote control

    Do you still remember those good old days where the act of turning on the television set to catch a few shows involved having to fiddle with no more than two remote controls? Well, the good news is that Logitech is attempting to bring back such simplicity to a user's home entertainment by introducing its

  • Hackers successfully flash Logitech Revue with Honeycomb 3.1

    The Logitech Revue may have made the headlines recently over its drastic price drop from US$249 to US$99 , but that does not mean that all is not going well for the Google TV set-top box, at least where end-users and the hacker comunity are concerned. Apparently, some enterprising developers have managed to successfully flash the