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  • Is Lucid’s Virtu MVP the next big thing for gaming?

    We have as yet to see LucidLogix's new Virtu MVP software in action, but if we're to believe a blog post on Gigabyte's (un)official blog, then we're looking at something that every single gamer will want to get in on. Lucid's logo for Virtu MVP simply states Universal GPU Virtualization, but the way we're hearing

  • LucidLogix Hydra destined to go the way of its ancient ancestor?

    LucidLogix made a technological breakthrough when introducing its first generation multi-GPU accomodating Hydra Engine to the world around 2 years ago now, which at the time by concept alone had people shouting out "Bravo!" thanks to the ability to mix up brands and models of graphics cards between the two major players, AMD and NVIDIA.

  • LucidLogix wants to play in the cloud, games that is

    In addition to its XLR8 software, LucidLogix also announced VGWare or Virtual Graphics Ware which is a cloud graphics software according to the company that will allow for cloud gaming and remote graphics rendering. Beyond enabling remote gaming on just about any device away from your desktop PC it's also targeting any other application that

  • LucidLogix announced XLR8 software for ARM GPUs and more

    We've already seen a lot of examples of what LucidLogix has managed to do with its Virtu software, but its latest software named XLR8 has us scratching our heads. The software is targeting the various GPUs you'd find inside ARM processors, as well as integrated graphics in AMD and Intel processors and is not only