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  • Sony releases new additions to Walkman W series of portable media players in Japan

    Need a new portable media player that is rugged enough to withstand the knocks and perspiration involved when engaging in some serious exercise? If so, Sony has got the solution for you, and it comes in the form of its latest additions to its Walkman W series of rugged portable media players. According to Sony,

  • SanDisk revives its MP3 player range with the Sansa Clip Zip

    It's been nearly a year since SanDisk's last MP3 player; the Fuze+ which turned out to be a bit of a flop with its touch sensitive controls. On the other hands, SanDisk's range of Clip branded MP3 players have proven to be one of the most popular, low-cost MP3 players every and now the company

  • Sony announces new A, E, S and W-series Walkmans

    Remember those old Walkmans you used to lug around everyday to satisfy your daily dose of music while on the move? Well, the good news is that Sony has clearly got no intention in letting such a popular product line fade into history, for the Japanese company has just announced the availability of four new Walkman series

  • RIM’s media hub to be called the BlackBerry Cyclone?

    Seems like just about every single OEM out there wants to come up with a product of sorts that could compete with Apple's array of consumer electronic devices, and Research In Motion (RIM) is no exception. Apparently, word has it that the Canadian telecommunication and wireless device company is extremely keen on delivering a product

  • Singbox SV-606 portable media player/speaker now available in Korea

    How would like to own a portable media player that can double up as a mini speaker system while on the move? Well, that is exactly what Singbox is offering Korean consumers with its new SV-606 portable media player / speaker hybrid device, which is reportedly capable of performing the aforementioned task, and then some. Read

  • Samsung updates Galaxy Player 70 with new “Black Edition” variant

    Well, that certaintly did not take very long: in less than a month after Samsung unveiled its new Galaxy Player 70 portable media player with VoIP capabilities for use on LG's U+ telecommunications network, out comes the Korean electronics giant with a new version of its Galaxy Player 70 for its domestic Korean market. And guess

  • New Iriver P8 portable media player shows up for sale in Russia

    Iriver may have been rather quiet down here in this part of the world, but that does not mean that the company has been letting its line of portable media players remain stagnant as well. Apparently, a new portable media player known as the Iriver P8 which sports quite a few interesting features has been

  • Sigma Designs show off tiny set-top-box

    It appears that Sigma Designs, the company behind the decoder chips in a fair few set-top-boxes and media players just aren't happy with the kind of devices available in the market today and as such the company has come up with a reference design that the company is hailing as the industry's most advanced, ultra-thin

  • AC Ryan announces firmware updates for Playon! HD2 and Playon! Mini 2 in Singapore

    If you have recently purchased the AC Ryan Playon! HD2 and Mini 2 media players, you would be pleased to learn that the company has announced new firmware updates for the two media players. Read on for the details.

  • Philips launches new range of audio products

    Today, Philips launched their latest range of audio products including the Fidelio docking speakers, home theatre system and portable MP3/MP4 players. VR-Zone brings you the coverage.

  • Creative introduces eight new products for the month of May

    Four wireless Bluetooth speakers, an MP3 player sporting a ZEN-like design, and three sets of Bluetooth headsets. And just in case you are wondering; no, we have not lost our marbles and gone off rambling about random audio-related hardware for the consumers. Rather, these are new products which Creative will be introducing for the local

  • Samsung launches GALAXY S WiFi 4.0 and 5.0, and HMX-Q10 camcorder

    Samsung Korea has announced their new GALAXY S WiFi 4.0 and 5.0 smart players that offer users entertainment on the move. In addition, the company has also launched the full high definition HMX-Q10 camcorder, which is retailing in stores now.

  • Turn your iPhone into a remote control, courtesy of Panasonic

    Do you happen to own an iPhone, along with any Panasonic-branded home-theatre entertainment devices in your home? If you do, Panasonic's latest announcement will probably be just the thing you need to chuck out those clunky remote controls for good; this is because the Japanese electronics company has just announced the launch of three apps

  • ASUS launches O!Play Gallery HD Media Player

    ASUS has launched their latest addition to its O!Play line of media players for home entertainment enthusiasts. Known as the O!Play Gallery HD Media Player, it promises to take "all-around high-definition enjoyment" to one's television set with the help of a variety of features.

  • Flip Video announces new FlipShare with social features and mobile apps for iPhone, iPad and Android devices

    New social and video sharing capabilities have been added to the latest Flip Video's FlipShare software, and the maker has also announced the new mobile app for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Android devices.

  • Apple’s 7th generation iPod nano may come with built-in camera

    A leaked photo from a Taiwanese Apple-related blog,, shows an iPod Nano with a camera hole. If that is believed to be true, this means that the portable digital media player could also take videos (and even images) like its 5th generation sibling.

  • A.C. Ryan PlayOn!HD2 review: it’s all about HD content

    Another day, another media player shows up in VR-Zone's office, where it sits on my desk awaiting its judgement in the form of a review. And this time, it is A.C. Ryan's Playon!HD2 which will be in the hot seat. How well will it fare when put to the test? We shall see.

  • Microsoft discontinues Zune media player

    Most of us in Asia are probably not familiar with the Microsoft Zune since the media player isn't sold here. And it probably does not matter too much with the recent news that the software giant is discontinuing this product line.

  • A new Windows 7 tablet with a difference: the BModo12G

    It's a wonder to me that there weren't more Windows 7 tablets in the market like the BModo12G. The prevailing logic is that if you need to do "real work", you're better off with a laptop. However, despite having an Apple iPhone 4 and iPad, my experience is that there are quite a few things

  • Nintendo 3DS launched in Japan, with user complaints and purportedly already cracked

    Nintendo's latest generation of handheld consoles were recently launched in Japan to a great start, with the company reporting an initial shipment of 400,000 and Enterbrain annoucing an estimate of 371,326 sold. Despite the popularity of the 3DS, complaints are arising with regards to eyestrain in just five minutes of usage in 3D mode. Additionally, even though