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  • Microsoft tries to be transparent about user privacy

    Everywhere we go on the web it seems that many sites, especially social networks, want you to share everything about yourself with them. The problem is that all that personal data we are sharing is not always being used the way you might think, which makes being able to control how our data is collected

  • Microsoft is potentially a partner in Dell buyout rumor

    A couple of days ago we got the news that Michael Dell, founder and CEO of Dell Computers, was in talks with private equity companies to take the company private. The rumored cost of such a move is $22bn which is a lot of money, but if the news we are hearing today is true

  • Rumored Xbox 720 and PlayStation 4 specs hit the web

    No that image isn't of a real Xbox 720, no matter how much we might want it to be a real thing. Instead, what we have been getting is a whole bunch of rumors about the specs for both it and Sony's PlayStation 4. Even though we have no official word on what these specs

  • Windows 8 tagged for huge price jump in February

    We knew that there would be a price increase for Windows 8 coming from Microsoft from its launch upgrade price of $39.99, but I don't think we thought it would be this much of a jump.

  • BioWare’s Neil Thompson: Xbox 720 isn’t a huge leap from Xbox 360

    In a recent interview, BioWare's own Neil Thompson reveals that the Xbox 720 won't be an obvious leap forward in technology from current gen consoles as the Xbox 360 was over the original Xbox.

  • A Mac and PC all-in-one Millennium Falcon [Video]

    There have been a lot of case mods over the years, some of them excellent, some good, and then some that just suck. This case mod, however, is nothing short of awesome and will definitely make the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs, regardless of which OS is your preference. 

  • Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer employee approval remains low

    Steve Ballmer, Microsoft’s CEO, has never been an employee or investor favorite, but the recent moves made by him and the company has helped him to get a few more thumbs up from his underlings.

  • Xbox 720 rumored Blu-Ray is for games but not movie playback

    Sources have speculated that Microsoft's new Xbox console may feature Blu-Ray support for game discs, but may not include movie playback thanks to Xbox LIVE's content streaming.

  • Playstation 3 Finally Exceeds Xbox 360 in Unit Sales

      The PlayStation 3 finally overcomes the Xbox 360 in terms of sales, with a total unit sale count of 77 million around the world, according to a report that was publicly released by the International Data Corporation.

  • New Xbox 720 specs surface, possibly leaked by ex-Ubisoft employee

    Specs for Microsoft's next-generation Xbox 720 console may have been leaked onto the internet by an ex-Ubisoft employee who claims to know all about the upcoming console.

  • Microsoft says no to Halo branded bullets

    Microsoft definitely isn't averse to marketing any of its products as we have seen with the popularity of the Surface and Windows Phones on a number of CBS televisions shows like Hawaii Five-0. Heck, you can even see in the ending credits of the shows that Microsoft helped sponsor them, but it would seem that

  • Is Google blocking Windows Phone users from Maps?

    You would almost think that there is a war brewing between two of tech's giants as news comes today that Google appears to be blocking Windows Phone users from accessing Google Maps.

  • Xbox 720 or Xbox Infinity announcement expected at E3

    Microsoft is expected to announce its next-generation gaming console, long speculated to be called Xbox 720, at this year's E3 trade fair, after an official Xbox spokesperson put a countdown on his website.

  • iPad and Surface sales according to Twitter

    In what has to be a rather unorthodox style of data mining self-styled "information massage therapist", A.X. Ian took to Twitter for 24 hours following Christmas to find which of the tablets on the market was winning the sales numbers.

  • More details coming out about Windows “Blue”

    While Microsoft may not be overly happy with the less than enthusiastic response to Windows 8 that hasn't stopped from getting ready for the next version that is going by the codename 'Blue'.

  • Nokia’s Windows tablet to have a battery-equipped keyboard cover

    While the idea of Nokia coming out with a competitor to Microsoft's Surface tablet might still be more rumor than fact we have some more rumors floating around the web about some features that we can expect if Nokia does indeed launch a tablet.

  • iPhone numbers in Southern Europe are down, Windows up

    There is no doubt that Apple's iPhone is one of the most popular and sought after smartphones on the market especially in the United States, France, and the United Kingdom but some recent numbers from the report by Kantar Worldpanel show that Apple has some weak points internationally. Weak points that apparently are leading to

  • HTC cancels 1080p big screen Windows Phone 8

    Microsoft's Windows Phone 8 might still be struggling for any serious mobile market share, but that hasn't stopped handset makers like HTC from making some really outstanding Windows Phone 8 smartphones. However, any plans for the company to bring a WP8 device with a larger screen to market have been scrapped.

  • Windows Store to allow PEGI 18 games

    In a blog post today on the Windows Store For Developers, Microsoft let us know that we need not worry; we'll be able to buy "mature" games through the store so you won't have to worry about being unable to get your Grand Theft Auto IV fix.

  • Windows Phone seeing 40% sustained submission rates

    For a number of Microsoft employees this year's Christmas holidays will be business hours as usual, which Microsoft says is due to a sustained increase in app submissions to the Windows Phone 8 store.