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  • Internet Explorer 10 Platform Preview 2 now available for download

    Well, it seems that Microsoft sure is not about to take its time with its browser development schedule, especially if this latest piece of news is of any indication. In just less than 80 days, the Redmond giant has pushed out yet another Platform Preview for its upcoming Internet Explorer 10 web browser for developers

  • Microsoft officially launches Office 365 for businesses

    Remember the little story we ran a few months back about how Microsoft was attempting to make life easier for businesses by pitching the then beta version of its cloud-based productivity suite, Office 365, as a solution to allow business consumers the luxury of not having to worry about maintaining their own IT infrastructure? Well, the good

  • Angry Birds finally smashes into Windows Phone 7

    Microsoft may have left a less-than-favourable impression on Rovio Mobile by using the Angry Birds logo in an advertisement to tout that theWindows Phone 7 will have a ton of cool apps well before the latter has yet to even commit to such a port (if at all), but the latest turn of events seems to suggest

  • HP Pre 3 shows off Skype integration

    Some time back, rumour had it that HP was planning to launch its Pre 3, webOS-powered smartphone with version 2.2 of the operating system instead of the newer 2.3.1, and that support for Skype will be fully integrated into said operating system, thus negating the need to install a separate, standalone app if a user

  • More hidden features in Windows 8 revealed

    We may still be months away from the RTM release of Windows 8, but that has not stopped developers and curious hackers from getting their hands dirty with the various leaked builds of Microsoft's upcoming operating system in the hopes of turning up new, unheard-of features that might eventually debut in its final release. And

  • Microsoft rejects WebGL over security concerns

    Say what you want about Microsoft, but it is clear that the Redmond software giant is taking a very strong stance on security recently, especially after its experience in dealing with the security disasters that were Windows XP and Internet Explorer 6. In fact, so uncompromising is the company's stand that Microsift has decided to

  • Kinect’s Windows SDK Beta Released

    Kinect for Xbox 360 had been released for some time already. How does Kinect for PC sound? Microsoft has released the official Windows SDK Beta for Kinect. More details inside.  

  • It is official: Windows Phone 7 will get one major release annually

    Seems like Microsoft has finally broken its silence over its plans for the Windows Phone 7 platform. Which, as most people will probably be aware, is currently lagging far behind the likes of Apple's iOS and Google's Android operating system in terms of popularity, in spite of its capabilities. Apparently, the world's largest software vendor

  • Back to School Giveaway from Microsoft College Connect (16th – 30th June 2011)

    Singapore-based students rejoice! Microsoft College Connect is organizing daily Facebook lucky draws between 16th and 30th June 2011 to give away attractive prizes including an Xbox 360 (with Kinect) and other IT peripherals like monitors, printers, input devices and external hard drives. Read more for details…

  • Microsoft Xbox 360 premieres blockbuster games and entertainment at E3

    At this year's Electronics and Entertainment Expo (E3) in Los Angeles Convention Centre, Microsoft showcased many new exclusive titles on the Xbox 360 gaming console, including Gears of War 3, Forza Motorsport 4 and the world premiere trailer for Halo 4.

  • Microsoft to showcase new games at E3, include Kinect Disneyland Adventures

    Microsoft will be announcing some new games at the Electronics and Entertainment Expo (E3) happening this week at Los Angeles, with one of them called Kinect Disneyland Adventures; a collaboration with Disney. Except that, the Kinect Disneyland Adventures isn't exactly a game.

  • Relive the Windows 8 Partner Preview Demo Event (better video!)

    Relive the ground breaking Windows 8 Partner Preview Event, this time in a 32 minute-long HD video! Experience the new touch-centric UI and the mysterious prototype devices! Windows 8 is scheduled to be released in 2012 and will run on both x86 and ARM platforms.

  • Windows 8 @ Microsoft Partner Preview (W Hotel Taipei)

    VR-Zone was in attendance for this historic Windows 8 unveiling event to selected partners and press at W Hotel Taipei, COMPUTEX 2011. Microsoft showed off its new Windows 8 UI design and a few x86/ARM prototype devices from its partners.

  • Windows 8 User Interface unmasked at D9 Conference – closer to a Minority Report future

    Today during the D9 Conference, Microsoft showcased its next operating system – "Windows 8" (Next) designed to run on desktops, tablets and smartphones, with a radical new unified touch-friendly tile-based UI design.

  • Microsoft Forum 2011 – Vole Shrouded in the Cloud

    Microsoft's 2011 annual Computex keynote centered upon its cloud computing vision and HID/multi-platform convegence technologies: "Windows Platforms – your foundation for innovation". The event was held at Taipei International Convention Center (TICC) next to the Taipei 101.

  • Microsoft Skype now installing crapware without consent!

    A lot of things have already changed for Skype since Microsoft bought the company for 8.5$ billion USD not 20 days ago. Ten days later we reported that the "all new" Microsoft Skype broke its first open-source partnership. Now Skype is automatically installing an useless "crapware" application called EasyBits, without asking or even informing users

  • Microsoft unveils Samsung SUR40 for Microsoft Surface in Singapore

    This afternoon, Microsoft unveiled the highly anticipated Samsung SUR40 for Microsoft Surface in Singapore. With Microsoft Surface, businesses and companies can offer information and services in a more engaging way. The software giant also showcased some of the new features of the upcoming Windows Phone "Mango" update. VR-Zone brings you the coverage

  • Microsoft Said To Preview Windows Tablet OS Next Week

    Microsoft is adding to the flavor of tablets with its own Windows Tablet OS, said to preview the new operating system next week.  Jump in to read more

  • Milestone : Microsoft Skype breaks its first open-source partnership

    How many of you actually believed that Microsoft would support an open source, non-Microsoft platform? In all fairness, they should be crazy to do so. Digium, the company behind the popular PBX program Asterisk, appears to be the first large victim of the all new Microsoft's Skype.

  • Over 500 new features coming in Windows Phone 7.5

    Microsoft has been speaking at the Japanese Microsoft Developer Forum 2011 and amongst the wide range of topics he covered he also spoke about the next version of Windows Phone 7.   He revealed that “Mango” will have 500 new features…