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  • US to build hypersonic robot spy plane by 2030

    US defense contractor Lockheed Martin has announced it has begun work on developing an unmanned, hypersonic spy plane capable of striking targets at 3,600 mph.

  • US Army working to develop ‘Iron Man’ suits

    The US Army is calling on private research and development organizations to help it develop suits of armor that give soldiers ‘superhuman strength’ and display an in-helmet HUD showing technical and health information, much like the armor seen used by Tony Stark in Marvel’s Iron Man series.

  • Russian ‘space troops’ are ‘not yet ready to fight aliens’, warns official

    Even with years of training and the nickname of “space troops”, Russia’s Aerospace Defence Troops would lack the ability to handle an extra-terrestrial attack, a Russian defense official has warned.

  • Israel Defense Forces banning use of Facebook for soldiers

    Social media is a gold mine for many military organizations, but at the same time they’re considered as a threat.  This is the reason why military personnel are often limited in what they are allowed to post, with some cut off from social networking altogether.  The Israel Defense Forces, though a bit more flexible than

  • Report claims Chinese hackers had access to advanced U.S. weapons systems

    The Washington Post recently came forward claiming that a confidential report issued by the Pentagon warns that Chinese hackers had access to some very sensitive defense intelligence.  Some of the information included detailed plans for advanced US weapons. Much of the accessed information included over two-dozen detailed document’s on U.S. defense systems, which included the F-35, intelligence