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  • Toshiba Recalling Sony Laptop Batteries

    Toshiba is recalling 340,000 laptop batteries worldwide made by Sony, the latest in a series of problems for the company. While the latest battery problem causes the laptops to sometimes run out of power, no injuries or other accidents have been reported. The problems are found in some of the battery packs for Dynabook and

  • Dell Inspiron 640m with Intel Core 2 Duo Mobile

    It all began at the local Computer Fair. My friend informed me of a great deal by Dell, offering Core 2 Duo Notebooks at irresistible prices. So I went online with the intention just to check things out. Afrter all, the Intel Core 2 Duo Mobile processors (Merom) used on Notebooks were only just about

  • LG-KG810 Mobile Phone

    LG Electronics (LG), a worldwide leader in mobile design and technology, debuts the LG-KG810 mobile phone with a built-in touch-sensitive keypad that allows quick access MP3 capability. This new clamshell model weighs a mere 86 grams and has a thickness of only 14.6 mm. The phone includes high-end camera functions, with a digital zoom.

  • New Standards for Laptop Batteries

    Dell and Apple Computer, which recalled nearly 6 million NoteBook batteries between them this month, are among PC makers planning to meet next month to discuss setting design and safety standards for lithium ion batteries used in portable electronic devices. The batteries were blamed in rare fires that prompted this month’s recalls, the largest electronic

  • LG’s World’s Slimmest 5 MegaPixel Camera Phone

    LG Electronics debuts the world’s first slimmest 5 Megapixel GSM digital camera phone – the KG920. This super-slender phone, boasting high quality digital camera and state-of-the-art multimedia features, looks good as the pictures it takes. The KG920′s features include a 2-inch QVGA LCD screen that rotates 180 degrees for capturing pictures such as self portraits

  • New ASUS Core 2 Duo Notebook: V1J

    The V1 notebook series is an ultra slim 15.4″ notebook with a detachable docking station that accommodates a wide range of connectivity that will increase work efficiency and provide higher mobility. ASUS V1J notebook series offers a smart balance of mobility and performance with comprehensive security feature that protects with both software as well as

  • VR-Zone Toshiba Notebook Super Saver!!

    VR-Zone Toshiba Notebook Super Saver!! Promotion period: 4th August to 27th August 2006 2 Top-Notch Notebooks now made more affordable for everyone: Save SGD$ 400, Enjoy FREE gifts, FREE 1GB Memory upgrade & receive tickets to watch the AFC U-17 Championship Games with the promotional purchase of Toshiba Satellite M100-P341 & Toshiba Portege M500-P140. Hurry,

  • Lenovo Introduces ThinkCentre Desktop PCs with AMD Processors

    Lenovo today unveiled the ThinkCentre A60, the first worldwide ThinkCentre desktop personal computer featuring an AMD processor. With their new AMD-based offerings, Lenovo is expanding their range of flexible and innovative solutions available to customers through their ThinkCentre line. The A60 provides exceptional performance on the business applications that customers use most. From graphic design

  • Toshiba TECRA M5 Corporate Notebook Review

    Tired of the lag times you face while rushing your project for work as you switch from task to task, window to window on your Notebook? A Dual Core processor Notebook will surely catch your eye then… you can be quite sure multi-tasking will be much smoother on such a Notebook These don’t come cheap,

  • Nokia releases N73 and N93 ‘Multimedia Computers’

    Nokia has just officially released both the N73 and N93 handsets that we’ve been following for some time. As a quick refresher, both of the phones are highlighted by 3.2 megapixel, Zeiss lens-equipped cameras, with the N93 throwing in a 3x optical zoom and support for 30fps VGA video. Both models also feature high-res 2.4-inch

  • Merom to top 50% of Intel notebook processors in 1Q 2007

    Intel plans to raise the proportion of Merom to over 50% of its notebook processor shipments in the first quarter of 2007, making 64-bit dual-core models the mainstream in the notebook market, according to industry sources. Intel’s latest plan will reduce production of its Yonah processors in the fourth quarter, and by the end of

  • Intel Adds 3G to ‘Santa Rosa’ Mobile platform, in talks of WWAN

    Intel’s Santa Rosa platform is shaping up to be quite a technology tour de force. We already know that Santa Rosa will feature Robson technology which incorporates flash memory into the motherboard to increase application performance and decrease boot/resume times. Santa Rosa will also feature a new network chip called Kedron. Kedron will have full

  • Daewoo Lucoms releases Solo M1 UMPC

    Korean manufacturer Daewoo Lucoms — a spin-off of Daewoo Electronics — has released its own version called the Solo M1. Specs on this one are almost identical to the Samsung Q1, as the two devices share the same low voltage 900MHz Intel Celeron processor, 7-inch touchscreen, 512MB of RAM, and of course, Windows XP Tablet

  • Vendors gear up for Sonoma notebook inventory clearance

    Notebook vendors, including Acer, Dell and Hewlett-Packard (HP), with each receiving hundreds of thousands of Dothan processors from Intel, expect to completely clear their inventory of Sonoma notebooks by the end of the third quarter, according to sources at Taiwan notebook makers. As reported on June 29, notebook makers were requested to help clear out

  • Intel Santa Rosa to include Windigo

    NAPA’S LIFE as a notebook platform is assured until the second quarter of 2007, Intel told its partners last week. But when super duper Santa Rosa dawns in the second quarter of next year, it will now include WWAN technology dubbed “Windigo”. Intel’s “Merom” notebook chips which somewhat confusingly will also be called Core 2

  • Toshiba Satelite M100 PSMA1L-00C00C NoteBook Review

    The Toshiba Satelite M100 is a notebook designed to be really mobile for those always on the go. Within its small 15.4″ form factor, the Satelite M100 houses an array of impressive hardware to provide users with the convenience of an all-in-one workstation and the performance needed for fast and efficient tasking. We’ve gotten hold

  • ASUS U5F Superior Mobility Notebook: The White Affair

    Now who says Apple is the only one producing Notebooks colored in total white? This week we present you Asus’s very own white notebook, the Asus U5F. How does this fair lady look, perform and what does she feature? VR-Zone goes in and puts her on the dentist’s chair to see if YOU should be

  • CommunicAsia2006 : Mobile Phones Madness!

    CommunicAsia2006 features the latest communications technologies and innovative products. VR-Zone checks out the latest and upcoming mobile phones from the likes of Motorola, Kyocera, LG, Samsung, NTT DoCoMo and Sony Ericsson.

  • Fujitsu S7110 Notebook review

    Fujitsu is very well known for their series of personality designer laptops, featuring both Intel and AMD models alike. Today, VR-Zone will be taking a look at the S7110, which falls under the “Sophistication” series. Let’s take a look at how this ultra-portable powerhouse fares right in this very review.

  • PC Show 2006 : LG Specials

    LG Electronics will be launching its latest LW25 notebook at PC Show 2006. LG is one of the only major manufacturers in the market that features a wide range of 8 Intel Centrino duo core models. The Intel Centrino Duo Core-powered LW25 EXPRESS DUAL LW25 EXPRESS DUAL is a version of LG’s 2005 hit product–its