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  • Sony 3 New CLIE PDAs

    Sony released three new PDAs — all with built-in 310K-pixel digital cameras. The new CLIE PEG-TH55 offers built-in 802.11b Wi-Fi, MP3 audio capability and a new “color tablet” form factor, in addition to the embedded camera. The high-resolution 320-by-480 screen takes up all but a few centimeters of the front of the unit. It has

  • Fujitsu Pocket LOOX 610 Review

    Pocket LOOX 610 is a powerful handheld, based on Microsoft® Windows Mobile™ 2003 software for Pocket PC, aimed at business professionals who want the features of a desktop right in their hands. In this review, the Pocket LOOX 610’s form factor will be compared to the Palm Zire 71 and the Nokia 8310, because these

  • Intel Florence Concept Mobile PCs

    To demonstrate 2005 mobile platform concepts, Intel has developed three concept mobile PCs, code-named "Florence." The 12-inch model features EMA functionality and converts from a laptop to a tablet PC, allowing maximum flexibility to balance office and mobile demands. The 15.4-inch model is designed to enhance worker productivity with fingerprint and smartcard security, built-in array

  • Intel To Unveil Florence Digital Home Concept

    Intel plans to unveil next week a prototype consumer portable computer that blurs the line between desktops and notebooks by shedding the traditional clamshell laptop design. The prototype, which acts like an all-in-one desktop, will be one of three models unveiled at Intel’s annual spring developer conference in San Francisco. Two concept business notebooks will

  • Dell Inspiron XPS P4 Extreme Edition Notebook

    Dell is taking its award-winning Inspiron notebook line to the next level of performance with the introduction of the Inspiron(tm) XPS, its first gaming notebook aimed at enthusiasts. serious gamers can expect ultimate performance, a customized XPS look, and for the first time on a Dell notebook, an onsite upgradeable graphics option for a future

  • NVIDIA GoForce Optimized For Palm

    PalmSource and NVIDIA today announced plans to enhance the graphics acceleration in Palm Powered(TM) smart mobile devices running Palm OS Cobalt and Palm OS Garnet. NVIDIA joins existing Palm OS Ready Partners Intel, ATI, M-Systems, Motorola, Samsung Semiconductor and Texas Instruments. As a member of the Palm OS Ready Program, NVIDIA has licensed Palm OS

  • 64-bit Notebooks Mainstream Within 2 Years

    Notebook computers with 64-bit processors could become mainstream within one or two years, ushering the industry into a new era and heralding a new battle among leading notebook vendors. Such a scenario could happen as prices of 64-bit notebooks drop to as low as US$ 1,500 per unit in the future. Acer kicked off the

  • BenQ Joybook 8100

    BenQ unveils its stunning 15.4-inch wide-screen Joybook 8100 today. Its magnificent display and ultra-brilliant multimedia technology (world’s brightest at 220 nits), easily surpasses the viewing experience available on other notebooks. The BenQ Joybook 8100 incorporates the blazing fast ATI® Mobility Radeon 9600 graphics chip, for your best cinematic experience. This diamond black Joybook will truly

  • NEC LaVie S LS900/8E w/ 3D LCD Panel

    NEC plans to launch on Jan 29, 2004 a new notebook PC named "LaVie S LS900/8E" with a 15-inch LCD panel that enables users to see images in three dimensions without using special glasses. NEC will become the world’s first PC manufacturer to put onto the consumer-product market a notebook PC equipped with an LCD

  • Dell Latitude D505 Celeron M Notebook

    Business executives in need of thin and light notebook computer that delivers mobility, essential productivity and dependability at a great value have a new product to choose from. Dell Latitude(tm) D505 notebooks can be configured with Intel’s new Celeron M processor, choice of 14.1 or 15-inch displays. The Latitude D505 shares the same intuitive design

  • Handspring Treo 600 Fares Better Than The New Microsoft Smartphones

    Walt Mossberg from the Wall Street Journal recently did a comparison between the Handspring Treo 600 and two new Microsoft Smartphones. The 2 phones tested were the Motorola MPx200 and the Samsung i600. Apparently, the Treo 600 is one of the best PDA/Phone you can find in the market today and verdicts were given for

  • Motorola Accompli 388C / A388C Review

    The sequel to one of the world’s first PDA phone – Motorola Accompli, the Motorola Accompli 388C (A388C) is a mobile phone embedded with PDA functions. Be prepared, as Motorola is now ready to join in the PDA/Phone market and this is a really exciting phone.

  • palmOne Mini Cradle

    palmOne introduces the new Mini Cradle, perfect for holiday gift-giving. This attractive pedestal-style cradle works with all handhelds from palmOne with the Universal Connector (see complete list below). It conveniently recharges and quickly synchronizes data through the USB port of a PC or Mac. Unlike the regular in-the-box cradles, the Mini Cradle has a unique,

  • palmOne and Handango Extend Worldwide Alliance

    palmOne, Inc. and Handango have announced the extension of their worldwide, multiyear strategic alliance. The new agreement builds on the foundation of two years of successful collaboration with aggressive new initiatives expanding the palmOne Software Connection into Asia Pacific markets and raising customer awareness of software for palmOne handhelds and smartphones. Among the initiatives, there

  • PalmOne SG Christmas Offer

    This holiday season, palmOne brings to you an irresistible offer with every purchase of a Tungsten T2 or Zire 71 handheld – a free Entertainment Kit, valued at S$ 155. The Entertainment Kit comes with : 64MB expansion card (preloaded with three sample MP3 songs and an Audible player) Stereo headphones SD Card/MultiMediaCard reader/writer USB

  • PalmOne Tungstun E Review

    One of the latest addition to the PalmOne PDA range, the Tungstun E is a power-packed handheld aimed at professionals with a tight budget.

  • PalmSource Spin-off and Handspring Acquisition Approved

    Palm, Inc. and Handspring, Inc. today announced that stockholders of both companies have approved a transaction that transforms the landscape for handheld computing and communications. Palm stockholders have approved the acquisition of Handspring, Inc. Separately, Handspring stockholders approved the acquisition of their company by Palm, Inc. In addition, stockholders have approved the spin-off of PalmSource,

  • Dothan Notebooks In Early 2004

    Dothan-based notebooks could be available as early as January or February, if the processor ships by late December. Intel will start shipping Dothan processors by year-end but said it has yet to plan the official launch. Dell, Acer, Asustek Computer and AOpen are among the companies ready with the notebooks featuring the next-generation Pentium M

  • Palm Tungsten 3, E and Zire 21 Launched In Singapore

    Expanding the powerful and stylish Tungsten™ family of business handhelds, Palm, Inc., (Nasdaq: PALM) today introduced two models — the Palm™ Tungsten T3 handheld, for the most demanding professionals who need a best-in-class colour and wireless handheld; and the Palm Tungsten E handheld, for cost-conscious professionals who need premium power and performance. Adding value to

  • Intel Pursues Battery-life Boost

    The world’s largest chipmaker will unveil research into increasing battery life for laptops and mobile phones at its developer forum this week