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  • SMC SMCWPBR-3G Wireless 3G Portable Router Review

    Create a wireless internet hotspot anywhere in just seconds. Road warriors can easily access the Internet on their notebook, tablet or smart phone instantly without having to fiddle with 3G dongles or cables. Furthermore, sharing a single Internet connection with a number of devices would definitely save some money.

  • IT SHOW 2011 Contest / VR-Zone Giveaway #5 – Asus U36JC Ultraportable Notebook

      Follow 4 easy steps and stand a chance to win different prizes every week.  This week..we are giving away: 1 x Asus U36JC Ultraportable Notebook Check out and find out how you can win these prizes

  • ASUS introduces WL-330N3G 6-in-1 Wireless-N mobile router

      The ASUS WL-330N3G offers all the benefits of a standard wireless router, with multi-role functionality and an extremely user-friendly setup. All of these features fit in a tiny device that is easy to carry, making the WL-330N3G ideal for travelers and business people who wish to extend their internet access when on the road.

  • A new Windows 7 tablet with a difference: the BModo12G

    It's a wonder to me that there weren't more Windows 7 tablets in the market like the BModo12G. The prevailing logic is that if you need to do "real work", you're better off with a laptop. However, despite having an Apple iPhone 4 and iPad, my experience is that there are quite a few things

  • ASUS unveils new ROG gaming products at CeBIT 2011

    ASUS has unveiled a number of new ROG gaming products at CeBIT 2011. These include the G74Sx gaming laptop, the Rampage III Black Edition motherboard and MATRIX GTX 580 graphics cards for enthusiasts, VG278H 3D monitor, RT-N66U high performance dual-band wireless router, and the Vulcan-ANC gaming headset.

  • Intel Solid State Drive 320 Series to launch mid-April

    The Intel Solid State Drive 320 Series, codenamed 'Postville Refresh', is the long-awaited successor to the present mainstream X25-M. The new SSDs are set to launch in mid-April.

  • ASUS to showcase latest innovations at CeBIT 2011

    Echoing the CeBIT 2011 theme of 'Work and Life in the Cloud', ASUS will showcase four different tablet computers including the Eee Slate EP121 and Eee Pad MeMO, along with the latest motion-sensing technology called WAVI Xtion, the all-new AMD Brazos-packing K series notebooks and a wide range of gaming products designed for a superior

  • Apple launches refreshed MacBook Pros with Quad Core CPUs, AMD GPUs and Thunderbolt

    Apple has just formally launched their refreshed MacBook Pros and it's available right now online. While still retaining the same body, there has been a lot of changes under the hood.

  • Lenovo ThinkPad T420 with Core i5-2540M pictured in the wild

    With the launch of Intel's dual-core 'Sandy Bridge' mobile processors imminent, has already pictured a Core i5-2540M Processor touting Lenovo ThinkPad T420. The T420 is the successor to the popular T410, although the new laptop has not been introduced officially so far.

  • ASUS Lamborghini VX6 Review: Ultraportable netbook with great performance

    The ASUS Lamborghini VX6 is the latest mobile computer born from the collaboration between the Taiwanese computer maker and Italian car manufacturer. Like the sports car, it commands a premium, but boasts a luxurious design and superior performance.

  • Kingston HyperX MAX 3.0 64GB External SuperSpeed USB Drive Review

    With rated speeds of up to 195MB/sec read and 160MB/sec write, the Kingston HyperX MAX 3.0 is one of the fastest 2.5" external USB 3.0 storage devices around. Is it hardy enough to entice mobile road warriors and fast enough for speed demons?

  • Marvell launches first mobile MIMO Wi-Fi solution

    Mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets have only fairly recently gotten support for 802.11n Wi-Fi, but it’s the slower 150Mbit version rather than the full speed 300Mbit version. As of today, this is no longer the case, as Marvell has announced its first MIMO 802.11n Wi-Fi solution for mobile devices with the introduction of

  • Dell showcases prototype Windows 7 tablet and business PCs

    Dell has showcased their new 10-inch Windows 7-based device and business PCs at the recent company's "Dell Means Business" event in San Francisco.

  • MSI responds to Intel 6 series chipset issues; offers temporary solution, swap or return for affected models

    MSI has responded with regards to the Intel 6 series, announcing that shipments have been stopped. In addition, the Taiwanese hardware manufacturer has also announced temporary solution as well as offer swap or return for affected models.

  • MSI launches new F series laptops that claim superior speed with a touch of class

    MSI has just announced their new F series laptops -  FX620, FR620, FX720, and FR720 - that are based on Intel’s latest Sandy Bridge platform. The laptops are designed to offer superb performance and features in a stylish chassis.

  • This WizPAD T1030iA runs Windows 7 OS

    This new tablet device from Redfox Technologies is armed with an Intel Atom processor, 10-inch LCD touchscreen display and comes in options of 16GB or 32GB storage.

  • Intel to launch MeeGo tablets in June

    MeeGo was jointly announced last year though there was no finished product made available yet. Well, Intel has recently revealed that it will launch MeeGo tablets in June this year.

  • Skype launches Skype for Mac (Mac 5 Gold)

    Skype has announced the Skype for Mac (Mac 5 Gold), which is no longer a beta. According to the company, the group video calling is part of the premium package and will also include live chat customer support.

  • RIM’s Playbook may run Android apps

    Yes, you read right. The long awaited tablet from RIM, the Playbook, may be able to run applications for Android. How is that possible? More details inside.

  • MSI releases Sandy Bridge gaming laptop for sale…in the US

    Why settle for a simple, average-performance notebook when there is so much more power to be had by investing a little more? MSI has just released a new notebook based of Intel's Sandy Bridge platform which promises to deliver "world glass performance and sound" in a mobile package designed for gamers.